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1st Roundtable Discussion on Local Governance

Review and Assesment of the Initiatives in Local Government Reform

In view of the policy dialogue on decentralization-related issues, KAS partner the Local Government Development Foundation has taken the lead to conduct a series of RTDs to review these issues and identify prospective legislative reform measures.


The first of a series of three roundtable discussions on decentralization was held last November 27, 2008 at the Peninsula Manila, organized by the Local Government Development Foundation (LOGODEF) and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), together with the Congressional Planning and Budget Department (CPBD) of the House of Representatives and the Senate Economic Planning Office (SEPO) in preparation for Philippine Summit for Local Governance.

The workshop aimed to draw up concrete proposals in amending the Local Government Code of 1991, some of which included proposals to change the Internal Revenue Allotment formula of income sharing between local and national governments, the review of overlapping agencies, reviewing the corporate powers of LGUs, and other reform agendas.

Resource persons invited to give a short briefing on the progress of decentralization efforts in the country included LOGODEF Board of Directors chairman Dr. Gaudioso Sosmena, former Governor of the province of Bulacan Josie de la Cruz, and Dr. Mariano Guillermo.

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