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Book Launch of How to Win an Election: Lessons From The Experts 2nd Edition


How to Win an Election 2nd edition is an update of the very successful How to Win an Election: Lessons from the Experts that is suppose to assist candidates and campaigners in planning and conducting successful and meaningful election campaigns.


In time for the preparations for the 2010 election, the Ateneo School of Government (ASoG), in partnership with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), unveiled the second edition of the successful manual How to Win an Election: Lessons from the Experts last December 14 at the historic La Cocina de Tita Moning in Manila.

The handbook gives a detailed step-by-step account of the process to increase neophyte candidates’ winning chance in an election. It enumerates the different aspects: 1) Preparing to Win – assessing oneself as a candidate, knowing one’s political terrain, choosing the members of one’s team, and strategizing; 2) Running the Campaign – the candidate, logistical and operational requirements, and the communication plans; and 3) After Election Day – challenges during tallying of votes. The handbook also includes lessons and strategies from experts as well as success stories of candidates like Congressman Glenn Chong of the Lone District of Biliran and Congressman Wilfrido Mark Enverga of the 1st District of Quezon, who in the 2007 elections were part of the leadership and campaign workshop based on the first edition of the said book.

Furthermore, the manual presents a checklists for both the pre-campaign (e.g. ensure legally qualified, benchmark survey of the voters, preliminary assessment of opponents, mapping of bailiwicks, analyze media landscape, prepare media press kit, to name a few) and campaign period proper (e.g. inaugurate campaign headquarters with media coverage, assign close family or friend to monitor appearance and body language, make friendly visits to media offices and so on).

Copies are available at the KAS office or at the Ateneo School of Government with telephone number +63 (2) 920 2920. Copies will eventually be available at bookstores.

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La Cocina De Tita Moning, San Miguel, Manila


Dr. Peter Köppinger

Representative of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in the Philippines

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