Economic Policies for Equitable Development

With recent economic gains being achieved by the current administration, the seminar looks at the reality behind the statistics. The seminar will take a closer look at how German policies are able to achieve equitable economic growth in Europe.



From October 11 to 13, KAS guest Klaus Jürgen Hedrich, former member of the German Parliament and member of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), came together with members of the legislative body, local government, civil society and in a seminar entitled, “Economic Policies for Equitable Development” at the Lighthouse Marina Resort in Subic organized by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung together with think-tank group the Centrist Policy Institute.

Mr. Hedrich, concluding his one-week visit to the Philippines, delivered a session on the European model of social market economy in achieving equitable economic growth. He stressed how it was important for a democratic government to find mechanisms in which not only the minority would profit, stating that “…if democracy is not able to respond to the wishes of the people, then democracy is nothing.” He also noted the importance of education and infrastructure in contributing towards long-term economic development, as well as the need for committed leadership towards the development of the nation.

Other speakers in the conference included Mr. Klaus Preschle, country representative of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Mr. Antonio Habana, chairman of the Bataan Technology Park, Prof. Alex Magno, Director of the Development Bank of the Philippines, Mr. Jun Lozada, president of the Philippine Forest Corporation, and former Tuguegarao City mayor Randolph Ting.

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