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Dialogue on Poverty Reduction Strategies between Centrist Democrats and Mr. Washington Sycip

A discussion organized by KAS with Mr. Washington Sycip and young, Filipino centrist democrats on considerations and views on the poverty reduction strategies of the Philippines.

Sustainable Inclusive Growth: Opportunities and Challenges

Presentation by Secretary Cayetano Paderanga, Jr. of the National Economic and Development Authority at the 10th Young Economists' Convention

Sustainable Inclusive Growth: Opportunities and Challenges

Welcome Remarks of Dr. Peter Koeppinger during the 10th Young Economist Convention

The Young Economist Convention allows Economics students from all over the country to associate, listen and interact with experts, the government, business sector, academe, and civil society.

Education in Germany - Current Developments

Speech delivered by Mr. Guenter Winands, former Vice-Minister in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany during a forum on Education and Inclusive Growth: A Philippine-German Dialogue on Experiences and Perspectives

Doable Remedies to Lick Squatting Cancer

Keynote speech of former Senator Aquilino Pimentel, Jr. the at Centrist Democratic Local Government Conference

Strategic Planning Session of the National Council of the Centrist Democratic Movement

Delegates decided on opening the movement to interested individuals of all ages, including established reform-oriented Centrist Democratic officials, elected representatives and others.

Centrist Democratic Local Government Conference

Erstes Treffen nach den Wahlen 2010

Centrist Democrats from different parties come together for the first time after the May 2010 Philippine national and local elections.

Workshop on Social Market Economy:

Corporate Governance and the Role of the State in Regulating National and International Financial Markets

A workshop for government agencies, relevant private institutions, select academe, and media to discuss previous and current experiences in corporate governance in financial markets

What's New in the 2010 Elections?

Presentation of Philippine Commission on Elections Commissioner Rene Sarmiento during the KAS Partner Workshop held last Sept. 22-23, 2009 at the Mandarin Oriental. The presentation details the changes, especially in switching from manual to automated elections for the upcoming presidential elections in the Philippines for 2010.

Social Market Economy

Presentation of Dr. Dieter W. Benecke during his lectures on Social Market Economy throughout the Philippines in May 2009.