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Statehood in the MENA Region - the nexus between power, leadership and governance

Seminar on current developments concerning statehood in the MENA region

afric'Up Africa Startup Summit

International Conference

Hosted under the auspices of the Tunisian Ministry of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy, African start-up entrepreneurs, international experts and practitioners were brought together during the first afric’Up Africa Startup Summit on 2 and 3 October 2018 in Tunis.

Anabtawi 28: Individual Rights, the Guarantor of Human Dignity

Regional Human Rights Training

The KAS Regional Program South Mediterranean in cooperation with the Arab Institute for Human Rights (AIHR) brought together 28 human rights activists and defenders from 14 countries for a regional training course on individual rights in Tunisia.

Jihadist Landscapes in North Africa


While the so-called Islamic State (IS) appears to have been largely defeated in North Africa, experts agree that the threat posed by Salafi-jihadist groups in the region is not averted. IS and al-Qa’eda are competing over the influence on local groups, transnational terrorist networks enable the exchange of know-how and hardware, and the return of ideologically radicalized and battle-hardened foreign fighters is raising serious challenges for their countries of origin.

Shaping the Digital Future

Euro-Mediterranean Youth Forum

On 9 October 2018, 26 young NGO representatives from 20 countries in Europe and the Mediterranean region met in Lisbon to discuss the opportunities and challenges for young people in times of digital transformation at the Euro-Mediterranean Youth Forum "Shaping the Digital Future".

Tunisia’s National Cyber Defense Strategy

Expert workshop in support of the formulation of Tunisia's national cyber defense strategy

« Smart development model » : a new economic horizon for Morocco

Presentation of the study "Smart Development Strategy for the Maghreb: Structural Reform, A New Role for the State, Regional Integration" and discussion of the recommendations with an expert roundtable

Russia’s Economic Ties and Political Networks in the Southern Mediterranean

Expert workshop on Russian political and economic ambitions and networks in the Southern Mediterranean region

Libya Task Force

Rethinking the European Strategy towards Libya

After now seven years of conflict, sustainable stabilization in Libya is still not in sight. The European Union and its member states hold the capacities to be strongly involved in humanitarian emergency aid, political reform initiatives and stabilization efforts, but they yet lack a comprehensive and mutual agenda-setting that could be the basis for a coordinated European approach in Libya.

Alumni Seminar of the European Fall Academy

"Shaping Neighbourhood" Simulation

Since 2015, the KAS Regional Program South Mediterranean in cooperation with the European Academy Otzenhausen has been organizing the European Fall Academy for students and young civil society activists from Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. From 12 – 15 August, participants from the last three generations were brought together in Tunis to strengthen their knowledge on the role and structure of European institutions.

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