Regionale Integration ist nicht selbstverständlich

Dr. Beatrice Gorawantschy im über die Reaktion Südostasiens auf das Brexit-Votum und die instabile Sicherheitslage der Region

Das Ergebnis des britischen EU-Referendums erschütterte nicht nur Europa, es war auch auf den asiatischen Finanzmärkten zu spüren. Südostasien zieht seine Lehren aus den europäischen Entwicklungen, sagt Dr. Beatrice Gorawantschy im Interview mit Die Region ist von Konflikten geprägt – sie könnte mehr Kooperation und ein neues Sicherheitsnetzwerk gebrauchen.

Policy briefing No. 2 "New Migrations and the challenges of integration in Europe, Australia and New Zealand"

Europe and Australasia are traditional receiving regions of migration and refugees. Countries in both continents have developed diverse policy measures to meet the challenges arising from this and integrate arriving people into their respective societies. Thus, an exchange between the two regions to learn from each other’s experiences can bring about new approaches to this phenomenon. This policy briefing provides a summary of an expert conference that addressed recent developments regarding refugees and temporary migrants, immediate actions to foster integration and long-term strategies.

Policy Briefing No. 1 “Fostering Europe-Asia Cooperation in Addressing Irregular Migration and Refugee Movements”


Refugee movements and irregular migration are no new phenomena to Asia and Europe, but have shaped them for decades. Irregular migration patterns in both regions show certain similarities and the causes for leaving the respective home countries are also comparable. The direct linkages between the two regions concerning this challenge are strong. Despite these connections, collaboration has been limited. Thus, it is necessary to foster an exchange between both sides to address these matters jointly.

Federalism and Decentralization

Perceptions for Political and Institutional Reforms

This book analyses various federal systems across Asia and Europe. By elaborating the strengths and challenges of Federalism and Decentralization in various countries, it underlines the important role played by decentralized governance structures in promoting good governance, particularly with regard to enhancing and supporting democratic rules.

Activities Report 2015

We are pleased to present you our activities of the year 2015. It provides an overview of the topics we worked on ,our publications and the various conferences we have organized in the year.

Nationalism in Asia and Europe

Panorama: Insights into Asian and European Affairs

Nationalism is a powerful human force that is on the resurgence in Asia andEurope. The effects of globalisation have inflamed nationalistic sentimentsin people all over the two continents. This issue of Panorama: Insights intoAsian and European Affairs offers perspectives on the evolving nature ofnationalism, including its relationship to regional integration efforts andglobalisation, as well as its impact on the domestic and foreign policies ofcountries in Europe and Asia.

Women, Policy and Political Leadership

Regional Perspectives in Today's World

Through the Asian Women Parliamentarian initiative, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung hopes to address the role of parliamentarians in forging the women leadership agenda and pushing it forward through best practices and shared experiences. Part of regional network-building includes knowledge management, which we present in the form of our latest publication: "Women, Policy and Political Leadership: Regional Perspectives in Today's World".

From the Desert to World Cities - The New Terrorism

Panorama - Insights into Asian and European Affairs

In this issue of Panorama: Insights into Asian and European Affairs, we have askedauthors from various countries to shed light on the factors that have contributed to therecent development in the Middle East and to discuss the implications of terrorism onsocieties in Asia and Europe. Special attention was given to the recruitment of young people, the attractiveness of terrorist groups to the youth, the role of religion and socialmedia, as well as preventive de-radicalization measures.

Activities Report 2014

Our work in Singapore

We are pleased to present you our latest Activites Report 2014. It's a great chance to find out more about the topics we work on, our publications as well as the numerous conferences we have organized during the last year. Take a look!

The Future of Asia-Europe Cooperation

Shaping a Common Future for Europe and Asia

This booklet concludes a three-year project co-funded by the EuropeanUnion and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. The “EU-Asia Dialogue” establisheda network of policymakers, academics and non-governmental actors;thus providing a platform for exchange and policy learning.