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The goal 4 of Ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning of Agenda 2030 is not only a key for the achievements of many other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but also the bedrock of any society. In order to reduce inequalities and reach gender equality and to alsohave sustainable communities, it is imperative that education is made available to all and that no one is left behind.

While countries across Asia made substantial progress in the achievement of goal 4 in the last years, there was a substantial setback with the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.   With schools and education institutes being closed in around 188 countries, nations across the world explored alternative ways to provide continuous education using diverse technologies and other means.  While home based learning with digital online learning cannot substitute the traditional classrooms, there is a need to see how the education system in various countries have adapted to the challenges of the pandemic and will the changes which were incorporated because of the pandemic remain in the future too?    How did countries ensure that education was made available to all and that no one was left behind?

Despite the disparities between various nations in the imparting of education by diverse technologies, countries across the region need to come together to share experiences, best practices that they have used to blend together different system to meet the challenges of current times and to provide education to all. It is important the region as a whole collaborates on charting as a vison of finding the path through which countries can move towards a modern education system which  is a blend of various systems and can harness the best of both world. 

We are starting with a series of national webinars with the first taking place in Nepal, followed by Pakistan and in 9 other Asian Countries.

This will be followed by a regional semianar where r representatives from various nations will come together to exchange about the best practices and how they could the  region work together in making sure that the education system across the region can emerge stronger  and inclusive and made available to all.

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