International Workshop on ECO-Cities

On 17 September, 2013, the EU-Asia Dialogue held a workshop on “Making Sustainable Cities Work in Europe and Asia” in Brussels, Belgium. Altogether 36 people participated in the event which emphasized the importance of this topic.


These included, among others, representatives from UN-Habitat, OECD, European Commission, Development Initiative for Asia, MAN, Philips, City of Copenhagen, City of Helsinki, International Association of Public Transport, Iskandar Regional Development Authority Malaysia, and researchers from China, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand as well as United Kingdom.

Particular attention was given to the aspects of transport and infrastructure, energy and building as well as financing eco-cities. The discussions highlighted that there is more need to foster exchange on these topics as cities in both regions have development innovative concepts of how to make their urban areas more sustainable. While they may face different challenges due to the various socio-economic and environmental conditions, the sharing of concepts will provide further ideas which can then be adjusted to the local context.

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  • Mr. Joris van Etten (CDIA)
    • Ms Mariko Sato (UN-Habitat) and Mr. Adam Szolyak (European Commission)


      Making Sustainable Cities Work in Europe and Asia: International Workshop on Eco Cities in Brussels
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      Eco Cities: Sharing European and Asian Best Practices and Experiences
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