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Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean

by Prof. Carlo Masala

For more German Commitment in the Ocean of the 21st Century

Analysis of Germany’s maritime engagement in the Indian Ocean

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In a globalised world, economic prosperity, national wealth and the degree of cross-linking of strong national economies are highly dependent on stable maritime routes. A good portion of Europe’s trade volume is carried out across the Indian Ocean giving the area a key role in that context. However, the security and dependability of these routes are imperilled by various causes – fragile and failing states, terrorism, and possibly a new “great game” in the region. For Germany’s economy, having few national resources, as well as being highly dependent on imports and specialised in exporting goods, stable and safe maritime routes are an indispensable requirement to sustain its competitive position. Therefore it is necessary to enhance Germany’s commitment and engagement in the Indian Ocean together with neighbouring countries as well as external partners in order to establish a higher a degree of maritime security.

Above please find the analysis by Prof. Dr. Carlo Masala, Dr. Konstantinos Tsetos, and Tim Tempel.

For further information on German maritime engagement, see also the KAS report “Fragile Wertschöpfungsketten: Zur Notwendigkeit eines deutschen maritimen Engagements” by Dr. Hefele, Director of the Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change /documents/252038/253252/7_dokument_dok_pdf_34915_1.pdf/e613a9fd-dbc2-6adf-749b-9bf240271084


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