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Mr. Phung Vu Hiep - Tom Phillips is telling us about his experience as KAS scholarship holder

Tom is currently studying his LLM in Energy and Environmental Law and we have prepared a set of three questions in order to explore how he is experiencing KAS Scholarship, he is a good example of enthusiasm and commitment within his studies.
1. How are your studies going?

I'm taking the LLM in Energy and Environmental Law intending to create changes or impacts, firstly, in Vietnam, and then globally. So far, I feel that the program is quite challenging but surprisingly compelling. The fact that I enjoyed taking part in Environmental Courses at first and, sort of, considered Energy Courses are somewhat the "dark side". However, as I dwelled deeper into Energy matters, I sensed the powerful connection between Energy and Environment. And thus, it requires knowledge from both fields to achieve my targets.

2. To what extent do you feel helpful KAS Scholarship?

Frankly, the KAS Scholarship is helpful and supportive in many ways. Not only provides me with financial supports but also brings me connections and knowledge in the related field. Honestly, you couldn't imagine how those connections and knowledge will benefit you in the future.

3. Do you find this experience enriching for yourself?

The fact that every experience has its values and features of their own and you can always learn from it. For me, this experience is mainly about motivation and innovation because I have to keep engaging, pushing myself, and at the end of the day becoming better.