Climate Finance & Sustainable Investing Conference 2019

KAS RECAP is supporting the Climate Finance & Sustainable Investing Conference 2019 with World Green Organisation and UNESCAP.

UNESCAP will co-organize with WGO a major UN conference, focusing on key Sustainability themes and Financial topics. UNESCAP will send their key representatives, including the Chief of Financing for Development Section, Macroeconomic Policy and Financing for Development Division to Hong Kong. Also, the United Nations will be inviting key government officials globally and distinguished speakers/experts to participate in the event.


In these two-day conference, there will be 4 main sessions with 2 separate luncheons to cover important topics, such as :

1. Climate Finance & Sustainable Investing;

2. Greater Bay Area & Smart City Tech Opportunities;

3. Sustainable Development GOALS (SDGs); 

4. Green Bonds;  

5. Green Energy and Energy Security; 

6. ESG Integration;

7. Innovation in Technology and ESG.

This is a closed conference, for details get in contact with Felisa Falcon.



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Asia Society Hong Kong Center
9 Justice Drive,
Hong Kong

Felisa Falcon

Felisa Falcon

Project Coordinator

felisa.falcon@kas.de +852 2882 2849 +852 2882 8515