The Future of Global Energy Security in the Age of Digitalization

Geostrategic Implications for Regional and Global Energy Markets

Digitalization is one of the key evolving trends of the energy sector. It comes with technological improvements, but also concerns over security. KAS RECAP hosts an international workshop to examine how digitalization shapes future energy systems.


The worldwide energy sector stands at the crossroads by coping with unprecedented changes and challenges of the digitalisation, new forms of mobility, autonomous driving and the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. In contrast to the past, most of the new technologies are developed outside of the energy sector but might have unprecedented impacts on energy markets and traditional energy industries. For the incumbent energy industry, these changes offer both new benefits as well as operational and strategic risks.

The energy sector has always been at the forefront of adopting technological innovations. Power utilities have proved to be ‘digital pioneers’ since the 1970s by using technologies to improve grid management and operations, while oil and gas companies used digital technologies for modelling exploration and production assets. The fastening digitalisation with the widespread use of ‘information and communication technology (ICT)’ is changing the established energy sector and the traditional energy business models by creating new consumption patterns, providers and platforms. The digitalisation and electrification have also led to rising competition among energy companies which face at the same time new competitors from outside (i.e. IT companies).

In the two-day workshop, Dr Frank Umbach will present the findings of his KAS-funded study on "Energy Security in a Digitalized World and its Geostrategic Implications". Local and international experts and representatives from politics, business and civil society will discuss the following issues:

  • Global Energy Megatrends: from Scarcity to Abundance?
  • Rising New Cyber Security Threats: Protecting Critical Energy Infrastructure
  • Digitalisation and Decarbonisation: Coping with Disruptive Developments

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  • Dr Frank UMBACH
    • RSIS
  • Dr Peter HEFELE
  • Mr Michael WILLIAMSON
  • Mr Phillip OFFENBERG
    • European Commission
  • Mr Beni SURYADI
    • ASEAN Center for Energy
  • Mr Mathias STECK
    • DNV GL Singapore


Energy Security in a Digitalised World and its Geostrategic Implications: Study by Frank Umbach, EUCERS/RSIS
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The Future of Global Energy Security in the Age of Digitalization: International Workshop in Singapore
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Dr. Peter Hefele

Study and Information Program
September 22 - 28, 2018
Brussels, Belgium; Bonn and Berlin, Germany
Study trip on digitalisation and energy transition in Europe