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The Future of Coal and Chances for Clean Coal

Global Energy Security and Climate Change Challenges

The future of coal energy is the topic of the second workshop of an event series joinly organised by KAS RECAP and the European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) on 5 and 6 May 2016 in Seoul, Korea.


Coal is a very easily accessible and abundant source of energy. Therefore, since the beginning of industrialisation, coal has played an important role in the generation of electric energy. Nowadays, mainly developing states in all parts of the world with their rapid economic growth and high demand on energy heavily rely on this traditonal energy source. Coal is still the basis for fast industrialization in Asia, too. It can hardly be replaced by alternative energy sources in the short run. The use of coal produces comes along with high CO2 emissions – and by this clearly demonstrating the contradictions between development and climate protection.

These challenges, contradictions and possible solutions frame this year's joint workshop of RECAP, EUCERS, the Energy studies Institute/Singapore and the Atlantic Council. After a first successful workshop on global gas markets in 2015 in Singapore, this time international experts will have a closer look on the future of coal as the second most important fossil energy source.

As an introduction into the debate Professor Dr. Frank Umbach of EUCERS will present a study about options for coal as a future energy source. China's international investment on global coal markets will be discussed in session I as the country is today already the world's largest coal producer and consumer and is planning to further extend its production. The second session will deal with new ways of clean coal use and carbon storage (CCS). These innovative technologies might contribute towards a more climate neutral economy. Aiming at a sustainable energy policy, the role of coal in the global energy mix will debated in the concluding session.

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Seoul, Südkorea


  • Prof. Friedbert Pflüger (EUCERS)
    • Dr. Gerhard Sabathil (EU Ambassador)
      • Dr. Frank Umbach (EUCERS)
        • Alf Henryk Wulf (GE Power AG)
          • Prof. Lin Boqiang (PetroChina)
            • Benjamin Sporton (World Coal Association)
              • Dr. Joachim Lang (E.ON)


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                The Future of Coal and Chances for Clean Coal: Global Energy Security and Climate Change Challenges
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                Dr. Peter Hefele

                A coal fired plant in Poland, creative commons