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Financing sustainable means of transport by the private sector

In cooperation with the Dutch "Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport", the Regional Programme "Energy Security and Climate Change" conducts a workshop about the sustainable development of transport systems on 4-5 June 2015 in Shanghai.

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The rapid economic growth in the Asia Pacific region goes along with a fast motorisation and a rapid increase espescially of the urban traffic. This boom has far-reaching results, as the current development in China demonstrates. The region's energy security is seriously threatened while the carbonate emissions increase dramatically.

The workshop discusses innovative measurements for a sustainable extension of the traffic infrastructure and the supply of services. Political decision makers more and more rely on investment by the private sector in order to finance sustainable transport systems. This is because the national budget of most countries is no longer able to contribute the necessary investment by their own. In this sense, the concept of "Private Public Partnership (PPP)" plays an important role.

Among the participants there are representatives of public corporations, representatives of state-owned and private companies as well as non-governmental organisations from industrial, emerging and developing nations.

For further information please also visit the website of our partner SLoCat:

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Shanghai, PR China


  • Cornie Huizinga
    • Dr. Peter Hefele


      The Role of Private Sector Financing for Sustainable Transport: International Round table with transport experts
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      Dr. Peter Hefele

      Transport system in Asia KAS Shanghai

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      Partnership of Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT)