Strategic perspectives for the bilateral energy cooperation between the EU and Kazakhstan

Central Asia lays at the crossing of global energy politics and plays an increasing role in Europe´s strategy to diversify its energy supply.


Due to its geographical position and its abundance of natural resources, Central Asia is in the focus of interest within the cooperation in energy politics between Europe, Russia and South and East Asia. It is part of a new "silk road". For Central Asia this development opens new perspectives for economic cooperation. Indeed, the potential of conflicts is rising as well. These challenges are of specific significance for the largest country of the region, Kazakhstan.

The European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) at King's College, London, has conducted a research study about Kazakhstan's perspectives of the future cooperation in energy politics with the European Union. The project compared the political goals of Kazakhstan's large neighbours, China and Russia with European Union`s Central Asia policy and discussed implications for Kazakhstan`s domestic energy policy. On 15 February 2016, the two authors, Dr. Frank Umbach and Dr. Slawomir Raszewski of EUCERS, present their research findings. Afterwards, they exchange ideas about new concepts of Eurasian energy cooperation with experts of several Asian and European countries.

The main issue of the World Exhibition 2017 in Astana will be "Renewable Energies". That offers great opportunities to enhance the cooperation between Central Asia and other regions. Energy security lays at the basis of sustainable economic development. An international conference, jointly organised by the KAS country office in Kazakhstan, RECAP and the Nazarbayev University/Astana on 16 February 2016, deals with the geostrategic challenges in energy security. The huge potential of renewable energies for the contribution to Kazakhstan's` national energy supply will also be debated.

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Astana, Kazakhstan


  • Dr. Frank UMBACH and Dr. Slawomir RASZEWSKI
    • European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS)
    • Department of War Studies
    • King’s College
    • London
  • Dr. Birgit WETZEL
    • journalist and expert on Central Asia
    • Berlin/Germany


Dr. Peter Hefele and Thomas Helm visit Astana Solar
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