Youth Climate Summit

Issues & Opportunities for Climate Action in Hong Kong

KAS-RECAP is supporting Hong Kong - America Center's event, in the framework of the United Nations NYC, which has recently held a climate summit of world leaders. HKAC would like to rise awareness among Hong Kong youths.


This has included a youth summit, timed with a global student strike for the climate on Friday September 20, 2019.  HKAC wants to hold their own climate summit in Hong Kong four young people who are concerned about climate future, and seek to take action to expand awareness in Hong Kong and urge the government to act on its commitments to reduce carbon under the Paris Agreement.  

Hong Kong government said it would reduce carbon emissions by 20% by 2020.  Hong Kong has a climate action plan.  As we near 2020, how effective have we been in reaching our goal?  What is the next stage of carbon reduction by 2030?  How do we get there?  Those are the guideline questions of the event.
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Felisa Falcon

Felisa Falcon

Project Coordinator

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