Financing Renewable Energy Projects in Illiquid Markets

ASEAN Webinar Series

Supported by KAS RECAP, Climate Bonds Initiative is launching a series of webinars to discuss FX hedging for green bonds in ASEAN region.


Carbon Pricing in Southeast and East Asia and COVID-19 response

Issues and opportunities for ensuring sustainable and low-carbon energy development

IEA, ICAP & KAS RECAP are hosting a closed online workshop titled: Carbon Pricing in Southeast and East Asia and COVID-19 response: Issues and opportunities for ensuring a sustainable and low-carbon energy development. The Objective: Carbon pricing policies form a crucial tool to deliver on the ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement and avoid the costs of carbon lock-ins. In the past years, numerous jurisdictions in Southeast and East Asia have either adopted or are in the process of establishing a carbon price to reduce GHG emissions and to decarbonize electricity and industry sectors. The COVID-19 crisis and its global economic and geopolitical consequences, have introduced new challenges to global low-carbon transitions. This is occurring at time when the window for climate action is closing rapidly, while massive investments in low-carbon energy technologies and systems are urgently needed. In this workshop, experts and policymakers will present the state of play of carbon pricing in the region, analyze interactions between the latest climate and energy policy signals against the background of new market dynamics and green recovery plans, and discuss the opportunities for cost-effective low-carbon transitions in the years ahead with a focus on the power sector. The outcome of this workshop will be shared in a short report which will be distributed among the participants. Furthermore, the partners expect to host a physical workshop in Thailand (December 2020, subject to the current context/conditions) in order to conclude the present state of the global low carbon transition in those regions. The event is a closed virtual workshop. Will be held on 15th and 16th of July, 2020. Please note that participation is only by personal invitation.


The New EU Taxonomy and Asian Financial Markets

Fostering Cross-regional Cooperation on Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance is on the rise in financial markets across the world, with the EU and Asian Financial Hubs like Hong Kong SAR, Singapore and Tokyo among the leading proponents of ESG. KAS RECAP and KAS Multinational Development Policy Dialogue in Brussels host a webinar to discuss implications of the EU taxonomy for the financial markets in Asia.


Youth Energy Academy

Capacity Building for Local Communities in South and Southeast Asia

KAS RECAP, the Sustainable Youth Energy Network and the Regional Resource Centre for Asia and Pacific at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand will organize a Youth Energy Academy in June to October 2020. It aims to raise awareness, engage and train young people in Asia to develop sustainable energy projects.


Green Recovery Plans in Asia-Pacific

Governments in Asia Pacific are implementing different measures to mitigate the impacts of coronavirus on the society. KAS RECAP organizes a series of online workshops to discuss the green elements of the recovery plans in China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India and Thailand.


Force Majeure: COVID-19 and the Energy Sector in Asia

Coronavirus, Oil Price War and Regulations

The COVID-19 outbreak has put the global economy to a halt, resulting in a significant reduction in the demand for energy. At the same time, a price war between the major oil suppliers triggered a collapse of the price of oil. With the CUHK Law Faculty, KAS RECAP will hold a webinar to examine the impacts of the coronavirus on the energy development in Asia-Pacific. The geopolitical and legal perspectives of such effects will be discussed in details.


Water Security and Disaster Management in Asia

The workshop aims to analyze the threats to water security in the face of worsening hydro-meteorological disasters due to climate change, as well as the methods of integrating disaster management into water governance.


Resource Integration in Central Asia and its political impacts to South Asia

Political Development in Asia-Pacific

The workshop aims to analyze how the resource integration in Central Asia is triggering developments in South Asia.


Youth Energy Academy

Empowering young people in Asia to implement sustainable energy projects

In late October, a one-week training course will be offered to youngsters from South and Southeast Asia to enrich their theoretical and practical knowledge on climate change and energy-related topics.


Impacts of Trade Conflicts on Energy Security in Asia Pacific

Expert Workshop

How are trade disputes between countries affecting the energy landscape in Asia Pacific? KAS RECAP will hold a workshop to examine the impacts of the current trade conflicts on the energy development in the region. Experts from China, Japan, Korea and Singapore will be attending.

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