Regional dialogue on climate - Guelmim.

Study day in Guelmim under the theme: What place for the climate and the environment in the new development model in Morocco?


Regional dialogue on climate - Guelmim
Regional dialogue on climate

The city of Guelmim hosted on Saturday, June 25, the first meeting of the regional forum under the theme "What place for the climate and the environment in the new development model in Morocco? ". This event was attended by members of the council of the region Guelmim-Oued Noun, representatives of important administrations involved in the environment and climate sectors and a large number of members of civil society in the city. 

The speakers stressed the importance of this initiative, the first of its kind in the region, because the context invites them to implement new directions in terms of development of the territory and climate issues occupy a prominent place in their thinking. As such, this region is marked by a semi-arid climate, it is very fragile in terms of water availability that can threaten several ecosystems, the most affected will be that of oases that begin to experience regular fires following the increase in temperature. It should also be noted that this region is undergoing a massive effort in terms of investment in new energies including wind, ammonia and hydrogen.

The second half of the program was devoted to thematic workshops dedicated to the region's stakeholders. The first one focused on the modalities and feasibility of introducing climate commitments in the region's development plan, while the second one dealt with waste management and the huge economic opportunities offered by the implementation of sorting systems.

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