Second climate forum in Martil: towards an efficient management of energy, water and climate.

The stakeholders of the development of the city of Tetouan to design an action plan sensitive to climate, energy and water management issues.


Regional forum on climate Martil
Regional forum on climate Martil

As part of the regional climate forum in Martil, in partnership with the Center for Innovative Development Initiatives and the municipality of Tetouan, local development actors (public sector, private sector, civil society and the press) met to consult and design the development plan of the municipality for the next 6 years. KAS-REMENA, through this second intervention, is working with its partners to contribute to the integration of the climate component in the aforementioned plan and its implementation through concrete and targeted measures. 

The inaugural conference was held at the University Abdelmalek Essaadi to mark an opening in the academic community and create maximum synergies between the actors of the city. The panels of discussions and debates covered three major themes: energy efficiency, climate efficiency and water resources management in the city of Tetouan. The experts emphasized the importance of the convergence of efforts of all actors in the development of the plan and proposed concrete guidelines to make the city of Tetouan a model of climate commitment. Participants also had the opportunity to visit the wastewater treatment facility and explanations were provided to understand the operation of this equipment that allows the irrigation of green areas throughout the province. This action is part of the consultation meetings that municipalities are required to hold during the year following the formation of the various territorial councils.

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Regional Forum on climate change Martil