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Politische Kurzberichte der KAS-Auslandsbüros

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is a political foundation. Our offices abroad are in charge of over 200 projects in more than 120 countries. The country reports offer current analyses, exclusive evaluations, background information and forecasts - provided by our international staff.

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The case of KÖVESI v. ROMANIA

by Stanislav Splavnic, Hartmut Rank

The European Court of Human Rights rules: Kövesi's dismissal as head of the Romanian anti-corruption agency was illegal
The current head of the newly created European Public Prosecutor's Office, Laura Codruța Kövesi, comes from Romania. There, she served as Attorney General for six years and heades the Romanian Anti-Corruption Agency (DNA) from 2013, until she was released in July 2018 in a controversial case and after a decision by the Romanian Constitutional Court. Kövesi appealed to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in Strasbourg against this dismissal. On May 5, 2020, the ECtHR ruled that her release has run against the standards of the European “Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms” (ECHR). In this (particularly in Romania) highly anticipated decision, the Court found that the Romanian state's dismissal of Ms Kövesi had violated her rights to freedom of expression and fair trial as laid down in Article 10 and Article 6 ECHR.
Jennifer Boyer/flickr/CC-BY 2.0


Curfew unconstitutional

by Mahir Muharemović, Hartmut Rank

Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina (more precisely, its entity “Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina” which covers slightly more than half of the country, including its capital Sarajevo) at the beginning of the corona pandemic has imposed one of the strictest curfews in Europe for two groups: minors and elderly people above 65. This curfew has now been subject of a decision by the Bosnian Constitutional Court. The court did not completely annul the measure, but ordered a revision. The imposed curfew is considered to not meet the required proportionality. It is one of the first Constitutional Court decisions on the legality of emergency measures imposed during the Corona crisis. Other Constitutional Courts in South East European countries are also expected to take decisions soon.


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Publication of the ''Priebe'' Report

by Hartmut Rank, Mahir Muharemović

A critical review of the report on the situation regarding rule of law in the judiciary of Bosnia and Herzegovina
The so-called ''Priebe'' Report, which had been eagerly expected by both the public at large and the judiciary of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was published on December 05, 2019 in Brussels. The report was compiled by several EU experts under the leadership of Reinhard Priebe (a German lawyer and a long-time employee of the EU Commission) ''in relation to rule of law issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina''. As expected, the report is critical, but it lacks concrete recommendations for action or reform steps.


EU-Commission on the progress and regress of Bulgaria and Romania in the Justice sector

by Thorsten Geißler

Annual Cooperation and Verification Mechanism
Since the EU accession of Bulgaria and Romania on 1.1.2007, the European Commission reports to the European Parliament and the Council at least annually with regard to the progress registered by both countries within the scope of the cooperation and verification mechanism. This mechanism was introduced 2006 by the Commission, due to the fact that, despite the progress reached in the consolidation of the rule of law, both countries still had deficits in this field. Solving these deficits ought to be both encouraged and verified. For this purpose, the countries had "Benchmarks" imposed.


An alarming law in Bulgaria

by Thorsten Geißler

Thorsten Geissler, Head of the KAS RLPSEE, released a national report on the newly adopted Law on the State Agency for National Security of Bulgaria. For more details, read the report hereby (in Bulgarian).


REPORT: The old and new Romanian Superior Council of Magistracy

by Thorsten Geißler, Corina Rebegea

On November 1st, 2010, the Romanian Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) changed its composition. The judges and prosecutors from all over Romania elected their new representatives in the body constitutionally designed to protect the independence of the judiciary. The Rule of Law Program South East Europe of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung tried to follow the latest developments of the most important institution in the process of reforming the Romanian justice system. Enclosed you can find our latest report in English.


Report on the Current Status of Bulgaria and Romania's Judicial System

by Thorsten Geißler

New positive developments and need for further reforms in the judicial systems of Bulgaria and Romania
Here you can access the newest report of the Rule of Law Program South East Europe on the new developments, the progresses but also the need for future reform in the judicial systems of Bulgaria and Romania. Report is available only in German.


Romania's "Small Reform" of the Judicial System

by Thorsten Geißler

Report available only in German
After EU's critical reports published this year, Romanian independent Minister of Justice Catalin Marian Predoiu initialized a so-called "small reform" of the judicial system. In the latest report of the KAS-RLPSEE, you can find out more on the content of this reform and on the latest developments in the Romanian justice system.


The Short History of the Romanian Lustration Law

by Holger Dix, Corina Rebegea

The Rule of Law Program South East Europe of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung released a country report on the Romanian Lustration Law. Entitled "A Short History of the Romanian Lustration Law", the report deals with general information regarding lustration in Romania, the provision of the Law and the relation between lustration and the constitutional adjudication. For more information, you can download the document here.


The Current Status of the Romanian National Integrity Agency

by Holger Dix

Timeline and developments
Short report on the developments regarding the Romanian National Integrity Agency, as off July 2nd, 2010.