One World Romania - International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (11th edition, Bucharest)

Bukarest, 16-25 März 2018

The 11th edition of the International Human Rights and Documentary Festival will take place between March 16th and 25th 2018 in Bucharest. KAS Rule of Law Programme South-East Europe is once again the main partner the festival.


The festival is organized by the One World Romania Association, in collaboration with KAS Rule of Law Programme South-East Europe. One World Romania is a yearly event focusing on teaching and assimilating the utmost importance of human rights using film as a means of communication. The festival arose from a close collaboration with One World - The Czech Human Rights Film Festival of Prague / Czech Republic.

The awareness level concerning human rights among both the population and political figures are still alarmingly low, despite the energetic efforts made by local NGOs. Such an event provides the perfect context to call people's attention and especially engage young Romanians in the debate.

One World Romania 2018 hosts 90 documentaries in four different cinemas (Elvire Popesco, Union, Eforie and MTR) and more than 10 accompanying events in alternative locations (Rezidența Scena9, ARCUB, MNAC). Every screening will be followed by discussions with the audience, having as guests international and Romanian film directors, producers, protagonists or experts and human right activists.

One World Romania 11 presents in 2018 the world and the reality around us - from a historical perspective - firstly, we look at our past to better understand how it influences our present. At the same time, we wish to analyse the present, learn from the accomplishments or failures of historical events so that, one step at a time, we put the base for a better future.

The films and programmes of One World Romania aim to show reality from everywhere and start debates which will increase the involvement of the civil society in the shaping of our future.

Find out more on the official site: www.oneworld.ro.

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ARCUB, CinemaPRO, Cinemateca Eforie, Elvire Popesco, Union, Studioul Horia Bernea - MTR, MNAC, Scena 9


  • Numerous film directors
    • producers and protagonists
      • as well as experts on various topics

        Doru Toma

        Doru Toma bild

        Project Coordinator

        doru.toma@kas.de +40 21 302 02 63 +40 21 323 31 27
        March 13 - 19, 2017
        Elvire Popesco, Union, Eforie, Studio Horia Bernea Muzeul Țăranului Român, Rezidența Scena9
        One World Romania 2017