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Diversifying the Economy by Developing the Individual’s Potential

Workshop on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises’ Effective Use of Social Media

Employees of Oman’s Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development together with successful young entrepreneurs are taking part in a two-day workshop on the effective use of social media.

“A random searchlight, but no beacon” – Media and Conflict in Yemen


In national as well as international conflicts media have great manipulative power. In Yemen, too, the different conflict parties are exploiting newspapers and television channels in their struggle for political influence. Against this background, the Regional Office Gulf States has invited journalists from Yemen, other Arab countries, Europe and the USA to analyse how narratives propagated by local, regional and international media contribute to the escalation of violence within the country.

“Zivilgesellschaft ist da, wo das wahre Leben stattfindet”


Vertreter von zehn kuwaitischen NGOs nehmen an Training zu „Transparenz und Verantwortung“ im zivilgesellschaftlichen Sektor teil.

„Das erste Opfer eines Krieges ist die Wahrheit“

Internationaler Medienworkshop zu Konfliktnarrativen und Friedensjournalismus im Jemen

Vor dem Hintergrund der Polarisierung der Konfliktnarrative im Jemen-Krieg sind ausgewiesene jemenitische, arabische und internationale Journalisten und Experten auf Einladung der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung zum zweitägigen Workshop in Jordanien zusammengekommen.

The role of assemblies in shaping legislative power in Germany and Bahrain

Workshop zur Gestaltungskraft legislativer Kammern in Deutschland und Bahrain

Ever since the inception of the Gulf monarchy, the popular assembly has played an important role in Bahrain’s legislative processes. Against this background, numerous members of the Bahraini Shura Council came together for a joint workshop with the KAS Regional Office Gulf States on February 15-16 to reflect on the role of parliamentary bodies in legislative processes. The members of the upper house exchanged views with two German experts on the role of assemblies in shaping legislative power in Bahrain, Germany and Europe.

Business for a change: Young Omani entrepreneurs are on the rise

Photo gallery of the KAS Social Entrepreneurship Workshop with young talents in Oman

Oman: a Gulf state commonly associated with gushing oil wells, the ancient Incense Road and Sindbad the Sailor. However, in the light of dwindling oil reserves, the worry-free days might be over soon. The question remains: What comes next? Young entrepreneurs with new ideas are needed. Visiting the students at GUtech University in Muscat, one will be surprised how motivated young Omanis are to take the future into their own hands.

Demokratie in Bahrain begleiten

Der bahrainische Schura-Rat und das Regionalprogramm Golf-Staaten feiern Auftakt zum gemeinsamen Workshop – „Die Gestaltungskraft legislativer Kammern in Deutschland und Bahrain“.

Gesellschaftlicher Wandel durch innovative Jungunternehmer

„Social Entrepreneurship“-Workshop für omanische Studenten feiert Auftakt an der German University of Technology

Engagierte Studenten der German University of Technology (GUtech) in Oman starten heute in einen dreitätigen Workshop zum Thema „Soziales Unternehmertum“.

“Combining forces to tackle the crisis“


As a result of the three-day symposium “Refugee Crisis Without Borders”, jointly organised by Regional Office Gulf States and Jordan Office, political analysts and representatives of humanitarian organisations developed the following policy recommendations to European decision-makers.

From Consultancy to Legislation – The Role-Diversity of People's Representations in the Gulf

Research Project on Parliaments and Parliamentary-like Councils

Not many associate the representation of people and political participation with the Gulf. This is due to the fact that parliamentary bodies and parliamentary-like councils in the region usually do not correspond with the classic Western parliamentary model. Primarily, tribalism and denominational affiliations shape the political systems of the Gulf monarchies.

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