Event Reports

6. German-Arab Journalism-Academy ended successfully

International Team creates multimedia Online-portal

For the 6th time the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Regional Program-Gulf-States brought together German and Arab junior journalists for a 10-day-academy-training. But it was the first time ever that the international team created a multimedia online-portal. And the experiment turned out successfully. The ten day academy ended on October 27th, 2011. Thomas Birringer, KAS Regional Representative to the Gulf-States, presented the participants with their graduation certificates and thanked them for their work and efforts.

A first glance at the webpage showed that the young journalists ventured out to try new things – technically as well as with regards to the chosen topics. One team was able to witness the first unofficial session of the newly elected Federal National Council (FNC) of the UAE and to interview some of the newly elected members about their political goals. Other team members researched the question of national identity in the run-up to the UAE’s 40th anniversary. All videos, audios, photo-slideshows, texts etc. are currently being edited and can be view online once the webpage „Al Boom – the future of the Emirates“ goes live.

Contact Person

Fabian Blumberg

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Head of Gulf States Programme

fabian.blumberg@kas.de +962 6 59 24 150