Event Reports

Arts, Culture and Dialogue over Conflict

by Magdalene Strzedulla, Manuel Schubert

Al-Madaniya – Yemen’s platform for peace and contemporary art

Supporting the innovative new online platform “al-Madaniya magazine”, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Regional Programme Gulf States aims at making the case for a more differentiated perspective on Yemen.

Rather than focusing on the on-going military conflict and war discourse, the “al-Madaniya” project (al-Madaniya) embraces and fosters a peaceful, artistic exchange of Yemenis from all over the country.

By launching the "al-Madaniya magazine" project, the Yemen Polling Center (YPC) – long-standing local partner of the Regional Programme Gulf-States – wishes to deliver a strong positive message; one that is in line with high hopes for peace and reconciliation in Yemen. A key objective of the still young, but already well-frequented online platform is therefore to build bridges within the divided population by reporting on issues relevant to all Yemenis irrespective of their personal ethnic, social, and regional background.

At the same time, "al-Madaniya" wants to shed a new light on a fascinating country and present, both for Yemenis and its international audience, a new perspective. The platform wants to reach this goal by distributing artistic work of various kinds; not having military conflict and human misery at the center of its publications all the time. By emphasizing Yemeni art, cultural and civil society initiatives and by promoting contributions from young as well as established writers, photographers, and creatives, "al-Madaniya” therefore promotes a peaceful intercultural dialogue.

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Dr. Manuel Schubert