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The Principle of Subsidiarity in the Satute of the Arab Court for Human Rights


The Konrad Adenauer Foundation's Rule of law Program for the Middle East/North Africa organized with the Lebanese Center for International Studies and the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the Notre Dame University a two-day workshop on the Principle of Subsidiarity in the Statute of the Arab Court for Human Rights. The two-day workshop was addressed to Human Rights legal experts and analyzed the interpretation of Article 18 of the Statute of the Arab Court for Human Rights in the light of the jurisprudence and case law of existing international courts and bodies.

International Mechanisms for Protecting Human Rights

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Lebanese Bar Association, and the Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace held their symposium on "International Mechanisms for protecting human rights and their efficiency" on the occasion of the Human Rights Day, which was celebrated on December 10th last Saturday, as commemoration of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December 1948 by the General Assembly of the United Nations, which was celebrated this year for the 68th time.

Preventing Youth Radicalization


With the aim of contributing to further high-level discussions on countering youth radicalization and as a follow-up to its previous conference on “Innovative Ways to Deal with Violent Extremism”, La Maison du Futur in collaboration with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, organized this seminar, in order to provide a framework for countering the radicalization of at-risk youth populations across regional and global communities and explore new ways for preventing this new trend.

Transparency and Accountability

On the 18th of November 2016, Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), Maison du Futur (MdF) and Transparency International (TI) conducted a seminar on transparency and accountability. The well attended seminar in Bickfaya, Mount-Lebanon, covered the topic of “Transparency and Accountability” on theoretical and practical levels, drew attention on comparative assessments determining best practices in the context of Lebanon and provided analysis of case studies.

Verfassungsrechtler aus dem Nahen Osten und Nordafrika zu Besuch bei deutschen und europäischen Rechtsinstitutionen

Eine Gruppe Verfassungsgerichtspräsidenten und Verfassungsrechtler besuchten vom 13. - 19. November 2016 München, Straßburg, Karlsruhe und Berlin. Sie konnten rechtsstaatliche Strukturen im deutschen und europäischen Raum kennenlernen und Fragen zum Menschenrechtsschutz diskutieren.

Mechanisms of legislation and the implementation of international conventions into Lebanese law.

In cooperation with the Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace, the KAS Rule of Law Programme organized a workshop on “Mechanisms of legislation and the implementation of international conventions into Lebanese law”.

Enhancing the Role and Participation of Women in the Public Sphere

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation in cooperation with the Lebanese Organization of Studies and Training (LOST) and the Local Development Office at the Baalbeck-Hermel Governor’s office (LDO) organized a series of workshops and seminars to empower 80 women in 4 of the largest neighborhoods of Baalbeck city with the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for participation in the decision making process at the local level, be it voting or candidacy.

The Gender-Citizenship Nexus: Lebanese Family Status Law and the Challenge of Legal Pluralism

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Lebanon, in partnership with Notre Dame University’s Chair of Religious, Cultural and Philosophical Studies and the Father and Sons for Citizenship (NGO), organized a panel discussion on “The Gender-Citizenship Nexus: Lebanese Family Status Law and the Challenge of Legal Pluralism”.

Building Bridges between Migrants and Lebanese to Combat Human Trafficking

Working towards the enhancement of protection for migrant workers and victims of human trafficking in Lebanon

The Controversy of Civil Marriage in Lebanon

In partnership with the Lebanese University, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Lebanon has organized a public conference and a discussion session with the students of the Lebanese University on the topic of civil marriage in Lebanon.

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