Conference of Judicial Training Institutes from the MENA region

The Rule of Law Programme KAS in cooperation with the LFPCP conducts a regional conference of judicial training institutes in order to enable the exchange of expertise and therefore enhance the quality of judicial trainings in the MENA region.


Professional, well-qualified judges are essential for the rule of law. Training institutes play an instrumental role in the development of the judiciary as they are charged with the qualification, continuous education and training of the judiciary members. Having a professional and best-practice judicial education system promotes the role of the institutes in the development of the judiciary as they shape the judicial practice of the future.

Having this in mind, the Rule of Law Programme Middle East / North Africa in cooperation with the Lebanese Judicial institute and the Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace conducts a two-day workshop on 27 & 28 September, 2018 to support the development of Institutes in various dimensions: the professional capacity for trainee judges, awareness raising on the discipline, as well as developing the teaching curricula and teaching methods.

This regional workshop will serve as a platform to exchange experience between leaders of judicial training institutes from the MENA region and Europe and therefore provide the chance to adopt modern methods of judicial training by benefiting from the best European and MENA practices. Among the discussed topics are:

- Selection processes of future judges and entry of trainee judges to the judicial training institutions (pre-qualification, Entrance exams, Role of the Institutes for Judicial Studies)

- Curricula of theoretical judicial training between text and application (methodology of interpreting the law, deontology, process of curricula development, the relation with media, etc)

- Practical training of trainee judges (Participation of trainee judges in the courts, internships in the administration, moot courts and workshops, international exposure)

- Organisational structures of Judicial Institutes

- Internal organizational structures (Financial and administrative means, administrative management, files, reports, monitoring, knowledge sharing)

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Beirut, Lebanon


Dr. jur. Anja Schoeller-Schletter