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Judges, Social Media and Impartiality

Approaches, Regulations and Results

From the 10th to the 13th of March 2019, the Rule of Law Programme Middle East/North Africa of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung organizes an international expert meeting on the topic “Judges, Social Media and Impartiality: Approaches, Regulations and Results”, which will take place in Cadenabbia, Italy. The conference will serve as a forum for an academic discussion between scholars and judges by exchanging expertise on the relatively new phenomena of social media and its impact on the judicial function.


Social media have gained importance in recent years and have implications also on the judiciary. The use of social media by judges must be seen in the context of their impartiality and integrity in general, which is among the fundamental principles of the rule of law. Any personal interest in the outcome of a case or the bias towards a party compromises the neutrality of the judge's decision. In what way the use of social media by judges is considered to affect their impartiality, and the interpretation thereof, differs, however, from country to country.

The expert meeting, by taking a comparative approach to different legal-historical traditions, aims to analyze and evaluate how judges, courts and regulators have reacted towards social media so far, what ways have been adopted and which institutional, regulatory and societal challenges are being faced.  

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Villa La Collina
Via Roma 11,
I-22011 Griante-Cadenabbia (CO)
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Impartiality of Judges and Social Media: Approaches, Regulations and Results
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