Event Reports


To promote and strengthen effective measures by state and non-state actors engagement to prevent and combat corruption in Africa.

The Specific Objectives of the conference were:

- To share experiences, challenges and good practices on the work of African human rights institutions in fighting corruption;

- To explore areas and strategies for greater involvement and engagement of NHRIs in popularizing the fight against corruption;

- To promote, facilitate and support international cooperation and technical assistance in the prevention of and fight against corruption, including in asset recovery;

- To promote integrity, accountability and proper management of public affairs and public property;

- To promote collaboration and cooperation between NHRIs, Anti-Corruption Agencies and their respective governments for effective complementary approaches to lobbying governments to fight corruption.


The conference agreed to craft a plan of action that would guide the execution and implementation of the following undertakings,

i) There was consensus and commitment from the leadership of the African NHRIs to develop a strategy for effective engagement with state and non-state actors to fight corruption;

ii) Participants expressed their commitment to creating national, regional and international alliances of NHRIs and anti-corruption agencies to complement each other in the effective fight against corruption and protect human rights in a more coordinated manner;

iii) Participants committed to explore effective ways of promoting collaboration and cooperation between human rights institutions, Anti-Corruption agencies and their respective governments for effective and sustainable complementary approaches towards the fight against corruption and protection of human rights.


The Conference brought together the leadership of African NHRIs, African governments’ representatives particularly from the Ministries and departments of Justice, Attorney General, Director of Public Prosecutions, Civil Society Organisations and Anti-corruption agencies.