The first years of post-communism: Transitions and legacies

The symposium aims at discussing the changes in the first years after 1989 and to analyze the evolution of several east-european countries and their different transitional path.


Program of the International Symposium

The First Years of Post-Communism:

Transitions and Legacies

26 November 2010

The Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes and

the Memory of the Romanian Exile, Bucharest, Romania

10.30-10.50Welcome addresses by Mr. Ioan Stanomir, executive president of the IICCMER, Mr. Holger Dix, resident representative of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Romania & Moldova, Mr. Bogdan Cristian Iacob, secretary of IICCMER’s Scientific Council

10.50-12.20Panel 1: Politics, Minorities and Intellectual Development

Prof. Tom Gallagher (University of Bradford), “Burying Hope and Licensing Discord: Necessary Goals for the FSN’s Path to Power”

Dr. Oana-Valentina Suciu (University of Bucharest), “Brief History of the Ethnic Minorities in Post-1989 Romania”

Prof. Lazăr Vlăsceanu (University of Bucharest), “RO Universities of the 1990s: Withering Away Some Legacies and Instituting New Ones”

Questions & Answers


13.20-14.50 Panel 2: Central and East European Transitions

Prof. Martin Ivanov (Senior Research Associate in Economic History – the History Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Science), “Bulgaria's Multi-Start Transition, 1989-1997”

Dr. Pal Germuska (The Institute for the History of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution), “Building a Market Society in Hungary: Decline and Crises-Handling in Two Former Socialist Cities, Ózd and Tatabánya”

Dragoş Paul Aligică (George Mason University), Vlad Tarko (The Analysis and Institutional Development Centre Eleutheria - CADI), “Economic Performance, Social Safety and Individual Happiness. A Comparative Approach to Communist and Post-Communist Romania”

Questions & Answers

14.50-15.10 Coffee break

15.10-16.10 Concluding remarks by Prof. Bogdan Murgescu, director of the Centre for Administrative, Cultural and Economic Studies (University of Bucharest): “Point Zero of Democratic Freedom. Agency and Structural Constraints in East-Central Europe in the Early 1990s”

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  • Prof. Dragos Paul Aligica
    • George Mason University
    • USA
  • Prof. Tom Gallagher
    • University of Bradford
    • UK
  • Prof. Lazar Vlasceanu
    • Univ. Bucharest
  • Dr. Pal Germuska
    • Institute of the Hungarian Revolution
    • Hungary

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