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Europe as a Pharmaceutical Location – Strengthening Resilience and Competitiveness

The European pharmaceutical industry is a driver of innovation and an essential part of medical care – How can we strengthen a key industry?

Europe's pharmaceutical industry is both an economically important sector and an essential part of the provision of medical care in times of geo-economic tension. In particular, there are critical dependencies on certain generic drugs and active ingredients, especially from China, India and various Southeast Asian countries. To strengthen resilience, supply chains should be diversified, among other things, while to strengthen competitiveness, the regulatory framework must be improved, including through innovation-promoting research conditions.


Token Study

Blockchain technology fundamentals and application scenarios

The token study analyses the technical properties of distributed ledger technology (DLT) as a central element of a blockchain. The focus is on a structured explanation of the fundamentals of DLT as well as current regulatory developments, with a view to case law in Germany and the EU. Building on this, selected application examples show the impact of DLT on industry and the financial sector. Finally, the study provides an outlook on the further development of the technology.

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How to write multilateralism again?

On the question of purchase guarantees and WTO rules

German and European producers are supposed to receive purchase guarantees by the German government in order to boost the development of renewable energies. Nevertheless, this practice violates World Trade Organization rules. However, there are alternatives such as tenders that allow for qualitative aspects. This article discusses the implications of these proposals and notes that deliberate violation of multilateral trade rules is troubling, especially as the importance of such rules in other areas is emphasized.

A New Fair Deal for Climate, Trade and Development

Opportunities for the Global South

Max Gruenig is a Senior Policy Advisor at the E3G Washington Office. We asked him to build on his previous report and further explore the nexus of climate, trade and development. One of his conclusions: “The Global North can only maintain its wealth and prosperity if there is a drastic betterment for the South.”


 Design Options for a European Hydrogen Bank

Report about potential design choices for the European Hydrogen Bank

This report contributes to the current debate around potential design choices for the European Hydrogen Bank. It outlines potential high-level functions and objectives and assesses the relevance of these policy objectives for the domestic and imports pillar.

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Romania is getting well through the winter. But what else is going on in the energy policy?

At first glance, Romania is a model student in terms of energy policy compared with other EU countries, but there are also shortcomings.

Low dependence on Russian gas, full natural gas storage facilities, balanced energy mix in production. At first glance, Romania is a model pupil in terms of energy policy compared to the EU and can easily bridge this difficult winter in terms of energy. But there are also deficits. Above all, there is a strong need to expand the electricity supply. If new investments are not made or progress is too slow, the situation in Romania can quickly deteriorate.

Defending Data

Privacy Protection, Independent Researchers, and Access to Social Media Data in the US and EU

This new report, authored by the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), discusses emerging questions about researcher access to data accumulated by social media platforms. It describes regulatory approaches from Europe as well as the US and also looks at privacy rights, researcher vetting standards and limits to access to such data.

SME Sustainability Action Guide

This guide has been designed specifically to provide guidance to SMEs looking to embed ESG into their business strategies and processes.

In the SME Sustainability Action Guide developed by UN Global Compact Network Malaysia & Brunei (UNGCMYB), you will find compelling reasons for SMEs to adopt sustainability as well as the direct and indirect benefits that will keep your business going and protect the planet at the same time. This guide is tailored specifically for SMEs, and is supported with real life examples of sustainability initiatives taken by some Malaysian SMEs and how they have gained from this venture.

Das Metaverse

Nicht das neue Internet und kein Grund für politischen Aktionismus

Große IT-Unternehmen bewerben das Metaverse als „The Next Big Thing“. Gleichzeitig sind die vorhandenen „Metaversen“ nicht mehr als Unterhaltungsprodukte der „Virtual Reality“, die wenig Anschlussfähigkeit für alltägliche Aufgaben außerhalb der Spielebranche aufweisen. Der Ist-Zustand bleibt somit hinter Aussagen der Werbung zurück. Für die Politik muss das bedeuten nicht in Aktivismus zu verfallen, sondern sich auf die Kernthemen guter Digitalpolitik zu konzentrieren. 

New challenges in the extractive industries in LATAM to enable the global energy transition

Options for a region rich in minerals and thirsty for water

Policy brief by Fernando Anaya and Emma Baz, which addresses the situation of mining as an agent of economic development in Latin America and its impact on the water sources necessary for life.