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State of News Media In Zimbabwe

Journalism in Flux: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities of a Digital Landscape

The report provides valuable insights into the key challenges and opportunities facing the news media in Zimbabwe. It highlights the critical issue of depleted and understaffed newsrooms, which is causing journalists to be overworked and underpaid, leading to burnout and a decline in news quality.

Emerging Issues for Data Protection Authorities in the Southern African Development Community

Data has been seen as driver of economic growth, with its economic value estimated in billions, causing countries to rush towards a digital economy

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What's next for Zimbabwe?

Economic, domestic and foreign policy consequences of Zimbabwes 2023 elections

Six years after the fall of Mugabe and the beginning of a new foreign policy of rapprochement with Europe and America, this year's elections show the true extent of reforms - or rather their absence. While the opposition has made small strides against all odds, hopes for an economic turnaround have been largely disappointed.

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China in Africa: Wielding Influence in the Age of Coronavirus

How the Chinese Communist Party Shapes Narratives and Builds Influence in Africa

The new study “Wielding Influence in the Age of Coronavirus” analyses China’s response to the Coronavirus in Africa.

Harnessing Zimbabwe’s indigenous knowledge for a changing climate

This collection of indigenous knowledge systems for climate change adaptation from across Zimbabwe provides a deep insight into existing and often times undervalued strategies and practices that rural populations develop to adjust to a changing climate. In this sense, it augments academic literature by a crucial and potentially far more adaptive and innovative component in the pursuit of knowledge creation on the issue of climate change management.

Climate Change Law in Zimbabwe

Concepts and Insights

Climate change is threatening the livelihoods of an increasing number of people globally. Legal instruments under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) seek to address the global climate change problem. Therefore, a comparative overview of the current legal position and potential position that climate change specific legislation in Zimbabwe may take, is imperative to understand.

The role of the media in environmental discourses in Zimbabwe

Environmental degradation and its impact on climate change should be more than just a science story. This publication aims to contribute to the conversation on environmental topics from different disciplines of study to contribute to a growing trend of discourse collaboration by different researchers for the purposes of enabeling more holistic debate.

Building Climate Change Resilient Communities in Africa

Insights from Zimbabwe's urban and rural areas

‘Resilience’ is a buzzword in the discussion on climate change. But what does it exactly mean and what could it look like in the context of specific communities? This collection of insights from economists, sociologists, social workers, lawyers, agriculturists and natural scientists on case studies of Zimbabwe aims to start a more specific discourse on the topic of resilience.

Climate Change Impact, Adaptation and Mitigation in Zimbabwe

Case studies from Zimbabwe's urban and rural areas

This collection of case studies highlights the impact of and mitigation approaches to the effects of climate change in urban and rural areas in Zimbabwe.

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How China, Turkey and Russia influence the media in Africa

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