Voices and views on South Africa

Not in our name - Xenophobia in South Africa

South Africans have come out in numbers to provide support to victims of xenophobia violence which started in Durban. Perpetrators of xenophobic violence are a minority; the majority of South Africans are tolerant towards foreigners. Xenophobia in South Africa is targeted at Africans, Pakistanis, Ethiopians, Bangladeshi and Somalis only; white foreigners are immune from it.

Voices and views on South Africa

How the rest of Africa sees South Africa

South Africa, the beacon of hope, peace and redemption for Africa, yet despite the history of Apartheid which instilled institutionalized exclusion. The aversion of racial bloodshed was implemented which enabled South Africa to uphold a rainbow nation, which today is an economic hub for the rest of Africa. With a proper parliament; transparent electoral system; a good new constituency and a first world stock market. It is important to learn from history and the mistakes that occurred at the time and not echo out brutality.

South Africa’s political development since 1990

KAS Vice-Chairwoman Prof. Dr. Beate Neuss journey to South Africa

Prof. Dr. Neuss opened the on “‚25 years since 2 February 1990: a Quarter Century of Building and Defending Non-Racial Constitutional Democracy” which was hosted by FW de Klerk Foundation and funded by KAS. High profile speakers like Former President of SA and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mr FW de Klerk and Former President of South Africa Mr Kgalema Motlanthe delivered speeches.

Exploring Rainbow Nation

KAS Vice-Chairwoman Prof. Dr. Beate Neuss journey to South Africa

Looking forward to her eight-day South African journey Prof. Dr. Beate Neuss said: „I have been wishing to travelling to South Africa for a very long time, I am curious especially about the social coexistence of its people and the developments since the end of Apartheid. Many love this beautiful country and of course I want to see it, too.”

KAS goes green

KAS Vice-Chairwoman Prof. Dr. Beate Neuss inaugurates KAS South Africa’s solar system in Johannesburg.

KAS Vice-Chairwoman Prof. Dr. Beate Neuss inaugurates KAS South Africa’s solar system in Johannesburg.

The Israel-Palestine Conflict: a South African Perspective

Can Israeli politics be compared to the apartheid regime?

In 1948 the apartheid regime was introduced and implemented in South Africa by the newly elected, white representative National Party (NP). In that same year the Jewish state of Israel was officially declared a sovereign state. During apartheid (1948-1994) the people of SA bore witness to harsh segregation, discrimination and disenfranchisement of its majority black population. Israel has repeatedly been accused of having similar characteristics. SA recognises a Palestinian State, condemns and criticises the actions towards Palestinian people and supports the notion of a ‘Two-state’ solution.

Climate Change, Energy and the Environment Scoping workshop

"Green Economy"- The KAS cooperated with the Mandela Institute of the Wits University Johannesburg on an expert-workshop concerning possible modern energy sources and their benefit and impact on South Africas planned green economy.Here you will find the background paper with essential information concerning the topic the Mandela Institute provided the workshop participants with.


The KAS hosted this year an event for their Alumni. We spent a full day with our Alumni starting at OR Tambo to learn more about Lufthansa's A 380. The event will end with a dinner with Pieter Cronje (Communicationexpert) as guest speaker.Here you find pictures of our event and a copy of the very interesting speech of Mr. Cronje.

KAS-Newsletter November 2014

2014 - an eventful year: 20 years of Democracy in South Africa, the 6th national election, but also 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Just to name a few.Our last newsletter in 2014 is about our upcoming KAS events, but also to show some of our major previous events. Always check out our website for more information regarding our current activity.We wish you all a peaceful December and enjoy the end of the year with your loved ones.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Black Professionals and the ANC in the 2014 Election

Loosening Ties?

The growing black middle class of South Africa has increasingly become the subject of interest for political parties. Noticeably, more political parties campaigned for votes from that sector in society in the 2014 Parliamentary elections. Members of that group still show a stronger preference for the ruling ANC. However, prior to the general elections, there was reason to suppose that black middle class support for the ANC had begun to decline, and that this would prove a significant factor at the polls.