Event Reports

KAS-GPPi African Civil Society Workshop Report 14-15 August 2014

Over the 14 and 15 August, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) co-hosted an African Civil Society Circle workshop with its partner the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi). The intention of the workshop was to expand on a new initiative to strengthen the voices of Sub-Saharan African civil society organizations in global debates and forums on development issues. In total 10 different organizations, excluding KAS and GPPi, took part in the pilot gathering of this Civil Society Circle.

Country Reports

DDP Election Observation Report

Observation report on the 2014 South African General Elections conducted by KAS partner Democracy Development Programme (DDP)

Country Reports

DDP Radio Reports

2014 South African General Elections
Overview of radio interviews given by Sthembiso Madlala, radio analyst and Project Coordinator at KAS partner Democracy Development Programme (DDP), on the 2014 South African General Elections.

Country Reports

DDP report on political dialogues

2014 South African General Elections
Report on a series of dialogues with political party representatives conducted by KAS partner Democracy Development Programme (DDP) in the run-up to the 2014 South African General Elections

International Reports

20 Years of Democracy and the Fifth Parliamentary Elections in South Africa

by Holger Dix

In the latest parliamentary elections, the ruling African National Congress could once again assert its power. The high voter turnout demonstrated the importance of the young democracy to the South African people. However, the new government is facing major efforts to ensure the country’s economic and social situation do not deteriorate.

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Newsletter KAS Country Project South Africa

by Holger Dix, Marius Glitz

Edition 1 - June 2014
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Country Reports

Youth Unemployment in South Africa

by Jan Hofmeyr

Impacts on longer term political stability
Since its first democratic elections in 1994, doomsayers within and outside of South Africa have predicted a fate akin to that of many other failed post-colonial African states for the country. Despite quantifiable evidence of developmental progress; an economy that has maintained a steady growth trajectory (with the exception of 2009, when it, like many of its peers, briefly dipped into recession as consequence of the global economic crisis); and a sustained commitment to the rule of law, it did not deter those who continued to entertain scenarios of impending chaos.

International Reports

South African Cities Two Decades on from Apartheid

by Markus Schönherr

Historically Divided between Rich and Poor
Two decades on from the end of apartheid, South Africa remains ethnically divided where the distribution of wealth is concerned. A larger black middle class is definitely capable of making changes to this unsatisfactory situation – but this will not necessarily affect the cityscape. There is no shortage of suggestions for solutions to create a more inclusive city. But the last 20 years have shown that large parts of the plans have proved ineffective in removing the historic barriers in real life.

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Development in Fragile Contexts

Recommendations from African civil society
The African Civil Society Dialogue on Development in Fragile Contexts gathers input from Afri-can civil society organizations and African aid experts on how government donors can better support peace- and state-building and development in fragile states. The first conference, organized by the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation and the Global Public Policy Institute, took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 18 October 2013. The recommendations and outcomes of the conference are summarized in the following.

Event Reports

Development in Fragile Contexts: African Civil Society Recommendations for the EU-US Development Dialogue

by Sebastian Barnet Fuchs

Workshop from Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Global Public Policy Institute with African Civil Society on October 18
The objective of the African Civil Society Dialogue was to collect input from African civil society organizations and African experts on aid in fragile states. Outcomes from this workshop will be presented at the Transatlantic Civil Society Dialogue.