Host City Cape Town Green Goal Progress Report

The Green Goal Progress Report is the product of a second round of KAS workshops for the City of Cape Town and the Western Cape Provincial Government. It monitors the timely implementation of the 41 Green Goal projects that were identified in the Green Goal Action Plan. The report shares success stories but also highlights hurdles that still need to be overcome in order to ensure an environmentally friendly World Cup.

Crossing the Line: Dealing with Cross-Border Communities

The publication aims to contribute to the South African debate where service delivery to cross-border communities has given rise to serious challenges in recent years. One of the challenges facing modern day federations is the provision of servivces to communities that are split by a provincial boundary. Residential patterns are not constrained by the demarcation of provinces and it is not uncommon for local communities to straddle provincial boundaries.

Zunami! The 2009 South African Elections

This publication, edited by Roger Southall and John Daniel, provides the reader with an in depth analysis of the fourth democratic elections in South Africa. Election Results; Trends in Party Support and Voter Behaviour as well as the Role of the Media are just a few of the focus areas that the fourteen chapters cover. The book, published by Jacana Media, is based on research papers commissioned by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.Click on the pdf-symbol above to read reviews of the book.

Lake Kivu Consensus

An agenda for a competiveness Africa

The Lake Kivu Consensus is the fruit of debate at two meetings in Italy and Rwanda in 2008, which identified competiveness as the critical element in an African strategy to increase employment and prosperity. The document proposes actions that African states can take, together with the private sector, NGO's and aid donors, to improve the continents economic competiveness.

Briefing Paper: Provincial and Local Government Review

In November 2008, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) facilitated a series of workshops to discuss issues related to the functioning of provincial and local governments. The workshops were held to discuss the policy review of provincial and local governments that was announced in August 2007. The most recent occassional paper by KAS entiteled "Review of provinces and local governments in South Africa. constitutional foundations and practice" (De Villiers, ed 2008) was launched at the workshops and formed the basis for the discussions. The workshops which were held in Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town, attracted a wide and diverse audience from all political groupings. Representatives from all spheres of government participated. The discussions were most informative and constructive. The attached document entails a summary of the workshops discussions and outcomes.

Democratic Consolidation in South Africa: Comparing Elite and Public Values

Policy Paper

The publication by Prof. Hennie Kotze' and Cindy Lee Steenekamp (Centre for International and Comparative Politics, University of Stellenbosch) entails the results of the latest round of the Elite Values Survey, which tracks the values of opinion-leaders in South Africa. The survey results provide crucial insights into the elite’s perceptions of democracy and delivery issues in South Africa. It also examines the level of congruence between the values and expectations of the mass public (measured by the World Values Survey) and those articulated by South Africa’s leaders in the form of policy outcomes.

Review of Provinces and Local Governments in South Africa

Constitutional Foundations and Practice

When the Department of Provincial and Local Government (DPLG) initiated a provincial policy review process in August 2007, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung put together a task team of recognised experts-with Dr Bertus de Villiers as the coordinator- to work on a response. The results, included in this publication, were submitted to parliament and disseminated amongst the public through a series of workshops.

Host City Cape Town Green Goal Action Plan

...Greening the 2010 Fifa World Cup

The Host City Cape Town Green Goal Action Plan, launched on 17 October 2008 by Lyn Brown, Premier of the Western Cape and Helen Zille, Mayor of Cape Town, aims to promote the hosting of an environmentally friendly Fifa World Cup that leaves a sustainable legacy. The Green Goal Action Plan with its 41 ambitious projects is the product of a workshop series, hosted by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in partnership with Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA).

South Africa: an international actor and partner for the EU

South Africa is the only African state to date to have signed a strategic Partnership Agreement with the EU. But how different is a strategic partnership from the ongoing bilateral engagements between the EU and South Africa? Romy Chevallier, researcher at the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) provides some insights.

Land Reform - A Commentary

Land reform in South Africa has been under way for more than a decade. Bertus de Villiers assesses in this publication the progress that has been made. The publication aims to assist practitioners and policy makers in identifying possible lessons learned and to make recommomendations for improving the process.