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CDU/CSU Position Paper: A strategy for new cooperation with African partners

This is a position paper by the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the German Federal Parliament and details the German-African cooperation in various policy areas.

South African General Elections 2024

Find out further information about the General Elections taking place on May 29th, 2024.

This page spotlights reports and analysis as well as further information on the 2024 South African General Elections, carefully selected by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in South Africa.

FW De Klerk Foundation

FW de Klerk Annual Conference 2024: Follow up report

Author: David Vorbau

The FW de Klerk Foundation Annual Conference 2024, held in collaboration between the FW de Klerk Foundation and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation South Africa, took place on February 2nd in Cape Town.


Has the ANC lost touch with South Africans: Summary

Author: David Vorbau

In a lively discussion on Wednesday, January 31, moderated by Rebecca Davis (Daily Maverick), Moeletsi Mbeki and Professor Nicola de Jager delved into the current state of the ANC and its historical mission

KAS/Dambisa Dube

Will South Africa make it out of the crisis this year?

"A country that cannot offer its young population (around 45 percent of the population is under 25 years old) any prospects is slowly but surely bleeding to death."


Has the ANC lost touch with South Africans: The party over people

Author: Nicola de Jager, Department of Political Science, Stellenbosch University

Prof. de Jager's research paper titled "Has the African National Congress lost touch with its people? The party over people," provides a structured and informed examination of the ANC's alignment with its original purpose.

South Africa's Easy Election Guide Official Launch

Who To Vote For in 2024?

Nickolaus Bauer officially launches his book in Cape Town & Johannesburg during the week of the 22nd of January 2024.

Pexels / Shelagh Murphy

Africa’s Demographic Dynamics

Author: Kira Alberts

“Looking ahead, the continent’s young and increasing population presents an unprecedented opportunity to spur rapid development,” says the Africa Competitiveness Report 2017.

Civil Society Network Convergence For South Africa forms new network

Civil society network Convergence4SA (C4SA) held a one-day strategy session on Wednesday 6 December 2023.

Masterclass in Coalition Governance Leadership

A two-day masterclass on coalition government was held in Cape Town on November 7-8, hosted by the CiviNovus group and supported by KAS SA. This event was a follow-up and an opportunity to discuss the democratic future of our country with South Africa's distinguished politicians, academics and thought leaders.