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Land reform: Trailblazers

Seven Successful Case Studies

There are many examples of successful land reform projects in South Africa, but emphasis in the public arena has so far fallen on failures or potential failures. This KAS publication intends to concentrate on positive examples of land reform in South Africa in order to find out why the projects were successful and what lessons can be learned from them.

Political Culture in the New South Africa

The new South Africa has inherited a complex political culture that has been shaped by both the liberation movements and the apartheid system. The seminar report is based on a conference held by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and St Augustine College of South Africa in Johannesburg in September 2005 and aims to stimulate discussions about South Africa's political culture, its challenges and weaknesses in the context of the consolidation of democracy.

Financial Constitutional Law

A comparison between Germany and South Africa

This KAS publication by Dr Dirk Brand is the result of research done in Germany and South Africa which focused on the constitutional environment and practical implementation of financial intergovernmental relations. It provides an indepth analysis of the constitutional framework, the actual financial intergovernmental relations as well as the role of the judiciary in dealing with financial constitutional matters in these two countries.

Challenges to Democracy by One Party Dominance

A comparative Assessment

This KAS publication provides the reader with an analysis of the phenomenon of one-party dominance after a decade of multiparty democracy in South Africa as well as with a comparison between the situation in South Africa and other countries, like Malaysia, Mexico and India.

The Politics of Party Coalitions in Africa

KAS-Fortnightly Media Survey

18-29 September 2006

To identify news trends and to follow-up on important political as well as socio-economic developments are the main aims of the bi-weekly media survey, generated by the KAS-Office, Johannesburg.

Ringen um die Macht am Kap

Erste Reifeprüfung für Südafrika's junge Demokratie

Kapstadt ist die einzige der sechs Metropolen Südafrika's, in der dem African National Congress (ANC) die Rolle einer Oppositionspartei bei den Regierungsgeschäften zufällt. Durch eine von der Provinzregierung beabsichtigte Änderung der Regierungsform könnte sich dies nun schlagartig ändern. Doch Minister Dyantyi's Ankündigung, das ''Executive Mayoral System'' durch ein ''Executive Collective System'' ersetzen zu wollen, trifft selbst in den eigenen Reihen auf scharfe Kritik.

Kommunalwahlen am Kap

Gute Hoffnung für die Opposition!

The role and place of local government in federal systems

NCOP Guide

The goal of the guide is to deepen the understanding of the role of members' legislative proposals in South Africa's representative democracy and to empower members in their role as public representatives.