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South African General Elections 2019

Find out further information about the General Elections taking place on May 8th 2019.

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On the following page the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in South Africa compiled its own reports and analysis as well as further information on the 2019 South African General Elections, which will take place on 8th May 2019.


General elections in South Africa take placeon May 8th 2019 toconstitute a new National Assembly and provincial legislatures in each province. They will be the sixth elections held since the end of apartheid regimein 1994. The South African Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) counted 26.8 million registered voters until March 14th2019 who account for 75 percent of South Africans entitled to vote.

Overview of election results


Selected events and publications of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in South Africa

KAS Country Profile South Africa

KAS Country Report: South Africa has voted - ANC loses support – Ramaphosa does not

KAS Event: 2019 Election Observation Report

KAS Event: Election Post Mortem

KAS Event: National and Provincial Elections on May 8th 2019 - Key Questions

KAS Event: What will count in the 2019 election together with Centre for Unity in Diversity (CUD)

KAS Event: Ensuring Free and Fair Elections in Africa: The Role of Electoral Commissions, the Media and the Court

KAS Event: Pre-Election Talks in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town

Selected result analyses

Now that Citizens Have Voted, What Next? A Civil Society Perspective (Democracy Development Program NPC)

The count is in… only 47% of SA voted, but where’s the good in that? (Citizen Surveys)

Summary by the FW de Klerk Foundation

Apathy keeps youth away from ballot boxes (Citizen Surveys)

‘The promises are empty’: South Africans vote, but the nation’s young people abstain in droves (Citizen Surveys)

Demographics and disappointment: Dawie Scholtz's complete election post-mortem (News24)

Reza Omar from Citizen Surveys life on #SAelections2019

IEC press statement on the elections

IEC press statement on potential of double voting

Reports of Election Observation Missions about the election's implementation

Report by the election observers of the Democracy Development Program NPC (DDP)

Report by the African Union (AU)

Report by the Southern African Development Community (SADC)

Report by the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA)

Background information

Elections Preview by the Centre For Risk Analysis - Fast Facts April 2019

What a coalition government would mean for SA

Party-Quiz: Looking for your political home? (News24)

This year's State of the Nation Address by president Cyril Ramaphosa

This year's Budget Speech by Minister of Finance Tito Titus Mboweni

Background Information and polls on the Elections 2019 (Citizen Survey)

25 years of democracy in South Africa (Daily Maverick)

25 years of democracy - Freedom of expression (Daily Maverick)

Two Decades of Freedom - A 20 Years Review (Goldman Sachs)

Understanding Government - Information on South African Politics and Elections (Education Training Unit)

South Africans’ Perceptions on Elections, Political Parties and the IEC (Afrobarometer 2018)

Party manifestos of the four biggest parties

Party Manifesto African National Congress (ANC)

Party Manifesto Democratic Alliance (DA)

Party Manifesto Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)

Party Manifesto Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP)

Parties and their candidates in the 2019 National- and Provincial Elections

List of all parties participating in the election (IEC)

At least 20 percent of party leaders have a shady past (Daily Maverick)

List of the 48 parties contesting in the 2019 election (The Citizen)

Candidates List 2019 - ANC

Candidates List 2019 - DA

Candidates List 2019 - EFF

Polls: National and Provincial

IRR poll suggests KZN, Gauteng could be hung, with ANC going under 50% in both (News24 - May 2019)

Final Forecast – Counter-factual findings: ANC 53%, DA 24%, EFF 14% (Daily Maverick - May2019)

The Criterion Report (IRR - April 2019)

Citizens Survey poll shows ANC, DA down, EFF up – but with an uncertain voter turn-out (Daily Maverick - April 2019)

Maimane vs Zille: DA supporters prefer Zille to champion elections drive (Citizens Survey - April 2019)

Survey reveals universal voter dissatisfaction with ANC government delivery (Institute of Race Relations - March 2019)

Voter Tunrout will be crucial (Ipsos - March 2019)

ANC at 61% (Ipsos - January 2019)

Voter registration low amongst youth (Ipsos - January 2019)

2019 Elections Poll voting intention South Africa (Institute of Race Relations - December 2018)

Media Monitoring Africa: Interim Report on Media Coverage in the South African Elections

Declarations on the recently passed law on the financing of political parties

South Africans are finally set to know who funds their political parties (The Conversation)

Civil Society Welcomes the Signing of Political Party Funding Bill (Democracy Development Program NPC)

Information by the Electoral Commission (IEC)

Mail&Guardian ScoreCard

President Cyril Ramaphosa

Lindiwe Sisulu Minister of International Relations and Co-Operation

General overview

Socio-economic situation in South Africa

After the elections, what next on land reform? By all accounts, more of the same (Daily Maverick)

Selected party newcomers that take part in the election 2019

African Content Movement (ACM)

African Democratic Change (ADEC)

The African Transformation Movement (ATM)

Black First Land First (BLF)

Capitalist Party of South Africa (ZACP)

The Good Party

Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party

Media coverage

Meet the Cabinet members tasked with turning South Africa around (Daily Maverick)

South Africa’s brand new government — still a difficult work in progress (Daily Maverick)

Unionists, women and an alleged smuggler? Who's who in Ramaphosa's Cabinet (Mail&Guardian)

Youth, experience, gender parity and Gordhan – Ramaphosa’s new Cabinet (City Press)

Horse-trading and compromises: Ramaphosa’s realpolitik Cabinet (Daily Maverick)

It’s Opposite of `Ramaphoria’ as `Mabuza Effect’ Roils Rand (Daily Maverick)

These are the balls Ramaphosa will have to juggle ahead of Cabinet announcement (News24)

Ramaphosa mulls his options – and it’s complicated (legally/politically) (Daily Maverick)

Ramaphosa shakes off Zuma’s spectre, sets the tone for a constitutionalist presidency (Daily Maverick)

ANC’s biggest Gauteng losses were wards in the heart of Soweto (Mail&Guardian)

Gender is a premier issue for ANC (Mail&Guardian)

2021: ANC, DA could lose metros (Mail&Guardian)

Support for Ramaphosa not matched by provincial support for the ruling party (Daily Maverick)

South Africa's election: Five things we've learnt (BBC News)

Gauteng: The powerhouse province that humbled the ANC and DA (Daily Maverick)

These are the parties that will make up South Africa’s 6th Parliament (BusinessTech)

2019 vs 2014 - What the numbers tell us about the general elections (News24)

Playtime is over. But Ramaphosa’s next moves are his toughest (City Press)

A record 14 political parties are on their way to the National Assembly (BusinessDay)

The electoral system shows contempt for individual accountability of public representatives (Daily Maverick)

How the parties shape up come 8 May, province by province (Daily Maverick)

Facts worth keeping on your radar after the election (City Press)

Politicalweekahead: All eyes on Wednesday’s poll results (BusinessDay)

The economics of low voter turnouts (Business Maverick)

Over 2 million voters still undecided, say CT-based researchers (Citizen Surveys)

South Africa’s black middle class is battling to find a political home (The Conversation)

First votes in National Elections to be cast in less than 30 hours (IEC)

Electoral court rules IEC erred when it didn't publish BLF registration in govt gazette (News24)

Lobby groups push legal bid for independents in May 8 polls (BusinessDay)

ANC and DA both in trouble according to new poll (BusinessDay)

What the manifestos reveal about the parties’ economic policies (Part 1) (Daily Maverick)

A bewildering process: What the manifestos reveal about the parties’ economic policies (Part 2) (Daily Maverick)

Tax, debt & interest rates: What the manifestos reveal about the parties’ economic policies (Part 3) (Daily Maverick)

What do party manifestos actually say about corruption? (ISS)

Get our electoral system right (IOL)

ANCYL in the Free State plans to burn Pieter Louis-Myburgh’s book, protesters disrupt Joburg book launch (Daily Maverick)

Only a clean coalition can unseat the ANC and its alliance partners (IOL)

Drum roll on elections – SA waits to exhale (BizNews)

Elections 2019: How the people will vote (City Press)

Sanity Check: ANC 2019 Election Manifesto’s promises vs SA’s pesky reality (Daily Maverick)

Writing the 2019 Elections: Appeasing the EFF can only be a disaster for the ANC (Daily Maverick)

ANC internal polling puts the party at 50% in Gauteng (Mail&Guardian)

Zuma's campaigning will hurt ANC at polls - survey (Citizen Surveys)

It's Zuma vs Ramaphosa in the voting stakes (City Press)

Making sense of the ANC's recent poll claims (Citizen Surveys)

SA youth's poll apathy (Citizen Surveys)

The ANC+ and its amazing hold upon the electorate (South African Institute of Race Relations)

Core Report on people's opinion – Quarter 3 2018 (Citizen Survey)

Activities on the elections 2019 by the KAS-Partner Democracy Development Programme (DDP)

​​​​​​​​​​DDP - Election Observer Mission Training

DDP - Multiparty Dialogue

DDP - Film Screening "Breaking the Fetters" on 25 years of Democracy in South Africa


Further information

IEC information on the 2019 elections

Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa - Election observation reports

Centre For Risk Analysis - Fast Facts 2019


Citizen Surveys

Human Sciences Research Council

South African Institute of Race Relations


Statistics South Africa

Parliamentary Monitoring Group

Results of 2014 National and Provincial Elections

National Assembly

Eastern Cape

North West

Northern Cape




Free State


Western Cape

Results of 2016 Local Government Elections

General overview

Detailed results

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