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"Waste Management & Innovation": Local Government Knowledge-Sharing Conference

This conference aims to share knowledge and best practices regarding sustainable waste- and water management systems between municipalities across South Africa. The participants are encouraged to use these best-practice examples for replication.
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SALGA Head Office, 44 Strand Street, Cape Town


  • i.a.: Khalil Mullagie (CEO SALGA)
    • Helga Jansen-Daugjberg (Director
      • Access Trust)
        • Robert Abbu (Deputy Head Operations
          • Durban Solid Waste)
            • Geraldine Jagers (Recycling Manager
              • Oasis)
                • Dave Wilson (Senior Manager
                  • Wastewater Network)


                    Local Government Innovation Knowledge-Sharing Conference: Water- and Waste Management
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                    Christina Teichmann