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In the year 2014, which marks 20 years of constitutional democracy in South Africa, KAS with its partner SAIFAC organises a conference to stimulate academic research on political rights in South Africa.


The conference seeks to address interesting and underdeveloped issues of political rights in South Africa. Leading academics and journalists will discuss questions on the media’s relationship with democracy, the conditions of a robust democracy, internal regulation of political parties, and electoral reform.

  • Is democracy merely casting a ballot or do citizens have participation rights between elections?
  • How should elements of representative and participatory democracy be balanced?
  • To what extent must political parties themselves be organised in a democratic manner?
  • Should there be restrictions on political party funding?
  • How should we conceptualize citizenship in South Africa and abroad? Should citizens living abroad and permanent residents be entitled to vote?
  • How is the participation of minorities to be developed?
  • What can South Africa learn from structures in other countries?
  • What is the role of the media in ensuring effective participation?
This conference aims to address these timely questions and to assist in the development of discourse and academic writing around political rights in South Africa.

Please RSVP to Freddy Mukodzeri at or before Friday, 23 May 2014.

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Constitution Hill, Johannesburg


Die politischen Mitspracherechte seit 1994: SAIFAC-Konferenz zu 20 Jahren Demokratie in Südafrika
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Nancy Msibi

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Project Manager +27 (11) 214 2900-110
The participants of the first panel of the conference "Political Rights since 1994": (f.l.t.r.) Ylva Rodny-Gumede, Waldimar Pelser (Mail&Guardian), Makhudu Sefara (The Star) and the SAIFAC-director, Prof. David Bilchitz. KAS Länderprojekt Südafrika
The participants of the second panel discussing the conditions of an inclusive democracy: (f.l.t.r.)Dr. Mispa Roux, Oliver Fuo, Prof. Mia Swart and Prof. David Bilchitz. KAS Länderprojekt Südafrika
The third panel discussed the internal democracy of South African Parties: (f.l.t.r) Roxan Venter, Prof. Pierre de Vos, Prof. Tumo Maloka and Michael Dafel. KAS Länderprojekt Südafrika
The participants of the third panel "Electoral Reform and Party Funding" with Dr. Dix, KAS, and Prof Bilchitz, SAIFAC: (f.l.t.r) Prof. David Bilchitz, Dr. Holger Dix, Johan Kruger, Nurina Ally, Ben Winks and Andrew Konstant (Moderation). KAS Länderprojekt Südafrika