Migration, Citizenship and Identity in Southern Africa

The workshop which forms part of HSRC's 2-year project, investigates how understandings of identity and nationhood either exclude or include various categories of citizens and residents of Southern African countries.



08.30-09.30: Registration

09.00-09.30: Introduction and Welcoming Remarks

09.00-09.10: Dr. James Muzondidya, Democracy and Governance, HSRC.

09.10-09.30: Dr. Kwandiwe Kondlo, Executive Director:

Democracy and Governance Programme, HSRC.

09.30–11.00:Theme 1: Conceptual Issues about Citizenship and


09.30-10.00: Lead Presenter 1: Prof. Michael Neocosmos, Centre

for Global Movements, Monash University (SA)

10.00-10.30: Lead Presenter 2: Suren Pillay, Democracy and

Governance, HSRC

10.30-11.00: Discussion Chair: Dr. Irae Lundin, Mozambique

11.00-11.15: TEA/ COFFEE

11.15-12.45: Theme 2: Citizenship and Legal Rights

11.15-11.45: Lead Presenter 1: Dr. Zonke Majodina, SA Human

Rights Commission

11.45-12.15: Lead Presenter 2: Dr. John Akokpari, University of

Cape Town

12.15-12.45: Discussion Chair: Prof. Olajide Oloyede, University

of Western Cape

12.45-13.45: LUNCH

13.45-15.15: Theme 3: Citizenship and Political Rights

13.45-14.15: Lead Presenter 1: Prof. Said Adejumobi, United

Nations Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa

14.15-14.45: Lead Presenter 1: Prof. Ibrahim El Nur, The American

University in Cairo

14.45-15.15: Discussion Chair: Dr. Adekunle Amuwo, Association of

African Political Scientists, Pretoria

15.15-15.30: TEA/ COFFEE

15.30-17.00: Theme 4: Citizenship and Migration

15.30-16.00: Lead Presenter 1: Prof. Owen Sichone, Pretoria


16.00-16.30: Lead Presenter 2: Dr. Sally Perbedy, Southern Africa

Migration Project

16.30-17.00: Discussion Chair: Prof. Bizeck Phiri, University of


17.00-17.30: Programme Roundup

Michael Neocosmos; Suren Pillay; Priscilla Wamucii

James Muzondidya

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Burgers Park Hotel, Pretoria


Julia Steffenfauseweh (ehem. Weber)