Exploring the content and the nature of the right to basic sanitation

The seminar, jointly organised by KAS, SAIFAC and the University of Johannesburg, explores international and local perspectives on the legal right to basic sanitation for poor and vulnerable citizens.


08h30 Tea and registration

09h00 Welcome: SAIFAC Director David Bilchitz

Session 1:

The Right to Basic Sanitation as a Human Right: International Law and Local Perspectives

09h15 – 09h35 The Human Rights Commission’s work on the Right to Basic Sanitation, Preggs Govender

09h35 – 10h10 International law and the right to basic sanitation, Siyambonga Heleba

10h20 – 10h40 Discussion

10h40 Tea

Session 2:

Local Government, Service Delivery and Sanitation Solutions

11h00 – 11h25 Improving sanitation in informal settlements: Moving from conceptualisation implementation (Technical Perspectives), Pieter Crous

11h25 – 11h50 The contradictory role of interim basic services within the struggle for a right to the City, Marie Huchzermeyer

11h50 – 12h15 Local government obligations to deliver basic services,

Annette May

12h15 – 12h45 Discussion

Session 3: The Right to Sanitation thus far in South African courts and legislation

13h45 – 14h10 The status of the right to sanitation in SA, and it's intrinsic relationship to other constitutional rights (provisional),

Kate Tissington

14h10 – 14h35 Can Open Toilets be a way of providing sanitation? The Makhaza open toilets case: Lessons learnt and the way forward, Gavin Silber

14h35 – 15h00 The Nokotyana case: the Constitutional Court’s refusal to engage with the right to basic sanitation, David Bilchitz and Redson Kapindu

15h00 – 15h30 Discussion

15h30 Closing remarks/summary Redson Kapindu

15h40 Close of Proceedings

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Constitution Hill, Johannesburg