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Al-Tahreer - Establishment of a Network of Civil Society Activists in Ninawa

After being only recently liberated from ISIS’ brutal rule, the province of Ninawa faces many challenges regarding peace building, reconstruction, and achieving political as well as societal stability, being one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse regions of Iraq. To empower and enable young civil activists and civil society organizations to play a leading role in this process, the Syria/Iraq-Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in cooperation with Al-Tahreer Association for Development created a multi-level project aimed at establishing a network of civil society activists in Ninawa and building their capacities in advocacy campaigns.

Capacity Building for Female Members of the Kurdish Regional and Iraqi Parliaments

To build the capacities of female members of parliament on good governance, legislative procedures and women’s rights, the Syria/Iraq Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in cooperation with the Women Empowerment Organization (WEO) created a series of trainings for women MPs of the parliaments in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and central Iraq.

Iraqi Al-Firdaws Society - Women’s Rights and Access to Justice in Basra

The occupation of the provinces of Ninawa, Anbar and Salahaddin by the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), which conducted ethnic cleansing campaigns against non-Sunni populations in Iraq, combined with the resulting armed conflict against the jihadi group, forced vulnerable target populations to leave these provinces, becoming thus displaced inside their own country.

KAS and Al-Haq - Local Engagement to Promote Peace in Kirkuk and Salah al-Din

Increasing youth participation to promote peace through proper social and political engagement

KAS and Al-Haq conduct a workshop to enable the youth of Kirkuk and Salah al-Din to get more involved in the process of conflict resolution and peace building

Open Debates 6 - Recovery and Return of Yezidis and Christian Minorities in Iraq

Since 2014 and the rise of terrorism by the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq, the Kurdistan Region has turned into a safe haven and a home to the displaced religious, ethnic and cultural diversity in Iraq. Among these minorities, Yezidis and Christians were the most targeted groups by ISIS. To discuss the current situation of the Yezidi and Christian communities in Iraq and analyze the challenges that both communities face when it comes to issues of return and recovery, the Syria/Iraq Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in collaboration with Open Think Tank and the American University of Kurdistan held a one-day conference in Dohuk. In particular, the conference focused on identifying the needs of these minorities as well as on debating concrete policies and measures that can ensure the persistence of both Yezidis and Christians in Iraq.

Iraqi-Syrian Borders, Post-ISIS areas and the Frameworks of Stabilization and Governance

Having been a major conflict zone over the past decade, the Iraqi-Syrian border region has experienced civil war, state disintegration, the rise of militias and non-state actors. These dynamics have had a significant impact on the countries’ shared border and the broader population in adjacent areas. To analyze and discuss the Iraqi-Syrian border, post-ISIS-areas and the frameworks of stabilization and governance, the Syria/Iraq Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) organized a workshop in partnership with Carnegie Middle East Center held in Beirut.

Policy Makers from Iraq Visit Hamburg and Berlin

Iraqi Delegation Discusses Stabilization Efforts with a Focus on Economic Development

Iraq formed a new government in October 2018 which, in addition to the country's ongoing stabilization efforts following the fight against the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), is pursuing an ambitious reform agenda. Germany is one of the main donors and an active supporter of the country‘s reconstruction. In this context, the KAS Syria/Iraq Office together with the KAS Headquarters invited a delegation of Iraqi representatives from politics and business to hold talks in Hamburg and Berlin from 12 to 18 May, 2019.

Governance Center for Public Policies - Supporting UN SDG16 Through Improved Accountability and Governance

According the United Nations, the Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) aim to achieve a better and more sustainable future for this world. They address global challenges, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, and environmental degradation, among others. To support the implementation of UN SDG 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions), the Syria/Iraq Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in cooperation with the Governance Center for Public Policies designed a project contributing to increased accountability and good governance in Iraq.

Workshop on Actors, Policies and Obstacles to Economic Recovery in Syria

Omran Centre for Strategic Studies and KAS Organized a Workshop on Early Economic Recovery in Syria

Following the territorial defeat of the Islamic State and with the armed conflict coming to a relative halt in Syria, policy discussions are focusing on the options for early economic recovery in the country. The Syria/Iraq Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Omran Centre for Strategic Studies thus decided to organize a workshop to assess the economic state of the different zones within Syria and the economic engagement of various actors in the country, as well as to develop a framework for an early economic recovery that takes the interests of regional and non-regional actors into account.

Administrative Capacity Building for the Iraqi National Centre against Hate Speech

To counter tendencies of radicalization in parts of the Iraqi population, the Syria/Iraq Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) worked once again together with Masarat for Cultural and Media Development (MCMD) to conduct several workshops that aimed at professionalizing the work and functioning of the Iraqi National Centre against Hate Speech by training its staff members.

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