Documentary about the lives of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in L...

Beirut '22

Two years after our critically acclaimed documentary "4/8 Beirut", which documented the devastating dimensions and damages of the Beirut blast, we return to our protagonists. Beirut...
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The Road Ahead?

Charting a Nationalist and Secular Iraqi State

Since the early 20th century, societies in the Arab Middle East have struggled with the role of identity in state formation, in part because national identity was often in flux amon...
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Neue Regierung im Irak

Mehr als zwölf Monate nach den Parlamentswahlen wählte das irakische Parlament am 27. Oktober mit Mohammed Shia al-Sudani einen neuen Ministerpräsidenten.
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Research Paper on the Rapprochement between the Syrian Regime...

Call for Proposals

Syria and Jordan share a long history as well as longstanding economic and diplomatic relations. With the outbreak of the Syrian war in 2011 these deteriorated, leading Syrian Presi...
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The Relationship of CSOs with Government, Religious, and Trib...

The Landscape of Civil Society in Iraq

The civil society possesses significant impact on countries. It campaigns on issues as human rights or environmental protection, and might eventually influence political decision ma...
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Syrian-Iranian Relations Since 2000

The Iranian Crescent – Part 3

The article series "The Iranian Crescent" analyzes Iran's political, geostrategic and economic interests in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Part three of the trilogy sheds light on Syrian-...
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Auslandsbüro Syrien und Irak
Dokumentarfilm Beirut '22
Der Film schildert Integrationsmöglichkeiten und das schwierige Verhältnis zwischen Flüchtlingen und Aufnahmegesellschaft am Beispiel des Libanon.
Podcast, Episode 15
„Changing the Narrative of What it Means to be a Woman in the Region with Rima Husseini“ (Episode 15)...
In this episode, we will talk about her career in culture and conflict, and her thoughts on what it means to change the narrative of what it means to be a woman in the region.
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Podcast, Episode 14
„The Political Scene in Iraq Post the 2021 Parliamentary Elections with Dhikra Sarsam“ (Episode 14)
In this episode, we will talk about her career in media and peace building, her takes on the protest movement, the elections, and the current situation and her assessments on how Bu...
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Podcast, Episode 13
„A Seat at the Table - Story telling as a Tool for Empowering Youth with Rana Sweis“ (Episode 13)
Rana Sweis is the founder and managing director of Wishbox Media, a company that provides creative storytelling packages, media training and research briefs on the Middle East. She ...
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Podcast, Episode 12
„A Seat at the Table - Women’s Role in the Lebanese Parliamentary Elections with Verena Al Amin“ (Epi...
In this episode, we talk about her motivation, challenges and takeaways of running for the 2022 Lebanese parliamentary elections.
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Podcast, Episode 11
„A Seat at the Table - Engaging Women Youth Voices in Political Activism with Ghiya El Assaad“ (Episo...
In this episode, we discuss the importance of political activism and youth participation as well as the impact of engaging women perspectives in youth activism.
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Podcast, Episode 10
„A Seat at the Table - Scholarships as A Pathway to Change with Nadya Rasho and Shirin Khero“ (Episod...
In this episode, we discuss the impact of education on the Yazidi women community and the role scholarships can play in that change.
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Podcast, Episode 9
„A Seat at the Table - Empowering the Role of Women in Governance with Paiman Ahmad “ (Episode 9)
In this episode, we discuss the role of women in policy making in Iraq and the necessity to empower women and encourage them to participate in civil movements and political decision...
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Podcast, Episode 8
„A Seat at the Table - Youth Empowerment Through Financial Literacy with Dina Shoman “ (Episode 8)
In this episode, we discuss youth empowerment, women empowerment, and the importance of financial literacy.
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Podcast, Episode 7
„A Seat at the Table - Sustainable Social & Economic Development in the Region by Empowering Women wi...
In this episode, we discuss the importance of working on gender based violence (GBV), the impact of the economic crisis in Lebanon on GBV, and ways forward for a better future for w...
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