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„A Seat at the Table“ (Episode 2)

Women on the Healthcare Frontline - Dr. Myrna Doumit & Dr. Mona Ghanem

Welcome to the second episode of A Seat At The Table with Dr. Myrna Doumit, immediate past president of the order of nurses, nursing faculty member, researcher, and Lebanese nurse, and Dr. Mona Ghanem , Syrian politician, woman activist, director and founder for Women for Peace, with a medical background as a matter of public health.

In this episode, we discuss the Women on the Healthcare Frontline. Dr. Myrna Doumit, Dr. Mona Ghanem, Lara Nina Shabb, and Hamad Elias delve deep into the following topics:


  1. Who is Myrna Doumit
  2. Who is Mona Ghanem?
  3. How to transform the role to an international scale
  4. The burdens of women in the healthcare sector
  5. Who is the leader of the real change?
  6. The woman's spirit to change the system in the nursing field
  7. How the lack of telemedicine affected women in the Middle East during COVID
  8. Are women given a seat at the decision making table?
  9. The stereotype: The care workfield is a domain for women
  10. Introducing our youngsters to true politics
  11. The outlook on gender-integration and women empowerment in the healthcare sector
  12. For change to be transformational, men and women must come together



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