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„A Seat at the Table“ (Episode 4)

Economic Deterioration in Lebanon & Women - Hayat Mirshad

Welcome to the fourth episode of A Seat At The Table with Hayat Mirshad, Lebanese journalist and feminist activist, Executive director of the "Female" Association, and editor in chief of the "Sharika wa Laken" website. Hayat Mirshad fights for justice, equality, and rights.

In this episode, we discuss the The Impact of the Economic Deterioration in Lebanon on Women. Hayat Mirshad, Lara Nina Shabb, and Hamad Elias delve deep into the following topics:


  1. The Pink Tax in Lebanon
  2. The cost of being a woman in Lebanon
  3. How the situation in Lebanon is impacting specifically women
  4. Period Poverty and The Impact on Women's Hygiene
  5. Unequal subsidies during Lebanon's crisis
  6. How to protect your daughter from cyber-harrassment
  7. Who are the main stakeholders for change?
  8. How is the feminist movement in Lebanon aligned with the Middle East?



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