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„A Seat at the Table“ (Episode 5)

Women & Entrepreneurship in the Middle East - Cyrine Farhat & Nour Elwan

Welcome to the fifth episode of A Seat At The Table with Cyrine Farhat, a member of the Syria-Iraq office, and Nour Elwan, initiator of the first free accelerator in Lebanon.

Cyrine Farhat worked with scholarship students and witnessed the impact these projects have had on the lives of young women in the Syrian and Iraqi communities. These projects have given space for women and young people to have an impact by empowering them and giving access to education and active participation in their communities.

Nour Elwan has been working for the last 5 years with entrepreneurs by helping them build their own business from scratch, from the ideation phase to inception to growth, and even by scaling up their businesses. Nour helps entrepreneurs face all the challenges and mitigate the challenges during their entrepreneurship journey.

In this episode, we discuss the The Impact of the Economic Deterioration in Lebanon on Women. Cyrine Farhat, Nour Elwan, Lara Nina Shabb, and Hamad Elias delve deep into the following topics:

  1. Who is Nour Eelwan?
  2. Who is Cyrine Farhat?
  3. Listen when seated at the table to define the right solutions
  4. How to get outside the box?
  5. Innovation connects the ingredients together
  6. How to create a legal framework for social entrepreneurship?
  7. What are the new ways to find solutions for social entrepreneurship?
  8. The challenges that women face in Lebanon in growth & entrepreneurship
  9. Why do women give up career advancements?
  10. To all women in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq: you are powerful!
  11. Dive deeper into the growth mindset
  12. A growth mindset is the key to pass the challenges in entrepreneurship




Cyrine Farhat Shour

Cyrine Farhat Shour

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