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KAS and Iraqi al-Nahrain Center in Baghdad deepen partnership

by Nils Wörmer, Lucas Lamberty

Increased cooperation on research, conferences and publications

The KAS Syria/Iraq office and the prestigious al-Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies, an Iraqi think tank affiliated with the National Security Council, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to deepen their partnership. The MoU includes a commitment to frequent cooperation on research, conferences and publications.

Safa Hussein, Deputy National Security Advisor of Iraq, welcomed the MoU and expressed his hope for increased Iraqi-German cooperation in the future. “We are very pleased to have KAS as our partner now and to profit from their expertise in a variety of political fields such as rule of law and economic reform”, he said during the signing ceremony. “Increased dialogue between Berlin and Baghdad will not only help to overcome the problems that we are facing today, but will also contribute to the stabilisation of the region.” Nils Wörmer, head of the Syria/Iraq office, stressed: “We need to tackle the underlying political factors that have caused the emergence of the Islamic State. Together with the al-Nahrain Center, we can develop ideas of how to improve the security and political situation in Iraq. “

Safa Hussein and resident representative Nils Wörmer at the signing ceremony KAS Beirut