Sina Schweikle

Single title

Syrian Refugees from One Crisis to Another: The Question of Return

by Laure-Maïssa Fargelat

The author Laure-Maïssa Fargelat analyses the situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon in times of political, socio-economic and financial crisis.

The political, socio-economic and financial crisis that Lebanon is currently going through is the worst that the country has experienced in over 30 years. With an inflationary trajectory, a de facto devaluation of the Lebanese Pound (LBP) officially pegged to the American Dollar (USD) and banking restrictions imposed on foreign currency withdrawals, Lebanese citizens as well as foreign nationals residing in the country face great financial challenges. In this gloomy situation, Syrian refugees in Lebanon are not only confronted to deteriorating living conditions but also to additional challenges related to their status. Therefore, the question of return is a timely and crucial one, as the financial and economic crisis, exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis, might constitute a turning point for many refugees in relation to their intention and actual decision to return to Syria.