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Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation Open Day 2021

„Politics and trust“

The work of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation: focusing on participation, representation, security, and innovation.


Strengthening the Capacities and Skills of Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Employees in Erbil

The Syria/Iraq Office of KAS in cooperation with the European Training and Technology Center(ETTC) held a training for the emplyees of MOLSA in the filed of business startup in KRI


KAS Syria/Iraq Team Volunteering After Beirut Blast

Our Team Supported Several NGOs and Initiatives Working on the Ground

The KAS Syria/Iraq team provided tools (Brooms, dustpans, gloves, safety goggles, shovels, Face masks, hand sanitizers ...) to Arcenciel, LibanTroc, Beit el-Baraka etc... Our aim was to encourage volunteers by equipping them with the necessary tools to clean up the rubble in the damaged and affected areas in Beirut.


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Iraq Policy Group (IPG) – Core Group Workshop

August 6 - 7, 2019 - Smallville Hotel - Beirut

The Syria/Iraq Office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) initiates the Iraq Policy Group (IPG) in cooperation with Al-Nahrain University of Baghdad and with the support of international academics. The IPG brings together regional and international experts involved in public administration, good governance, decentralization, economic development and security sector reform. The first meeting of the IPG will take place in Beirut on the 6th and 7th of August 2019. The members will come together on a regular basis to meet with representatives of the Prime Minister Office (PMO) and the Iraqi government for intensive consultations. Along the current decentralization efforts in Iraq, its associated challenges and obstacles, the role which regional and international partners can play will be discussed. Since Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has taken office, there has been growing hope for a sustainable political and economic development of the country. Iraq suffers from weak institutions, political and social polarization, inadequate infrastructure and a rapidly growing population. In direct exchange with Iraqi government representatives, the IPG will advise and develop reform plans that correspond with the ideas of the new government. This will make it possible for the reform plans to be implemented with greater success. Thereby, they will contribute to a sustainable stabilization and economic prosperity in Iraq.


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Northeast Syria the Day After

KAS and LISA Host Workshop on Strategies to Stabilize the Northeast of Syria after the US-Withdrawal

With the support from the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Syria/Iraq Office, the Levant Institute for Strategic Affairs (LISA) will organize a workshop on the economic and political situation in Syria, focusing particularly on the northeast of the country. This is especially relevant in the context of the possible upcoming US-withdrawal from that region- a recent development that motivates a debate on the involvement of external actors. The northeast also holds an economical importance in Syria, given its rich oil resources. The options of economic development in this region will be discussed throughout this workshop, as well as possible ways to political settlement in the northeast especially and in Syria generally.


Discussing the Challenges Facing the Middle East

KAS, and IRIS Organize Annual Forum in Iraq

On March 6 and 7, 2019, the Syria/Iraq Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung will support the Institute of Regional and International Studies (IRIS) of the American University of Iraq Sulaimani by hosting its sixth annual Sulaimani Forum. The two-day forum will bring together key international and regional policy makers, stakeholders, and analysts for discussions about challenges facing Iraq, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and the Middle East region in general. This year, the consultations will be focusing on the relationship between Iraq and its neighbors, good governance and inclusive economic growth, with a special consideration of the ongoing challenges of government formation in Baghdad and Erbil. In the past years, the Sulimani Forum has become one of the prominent events in the Middle East, gathering world-leading political figures, including (Prime-) Ministers and Presidents.


KAS and Al-Haq: Local Engagement to Promote Peace in Kirkuk and Salah al-Din

Increasing youth participation to promote peace through proper social and political engagement

KAS and Al-Haq conduct a workshop to enable the youth of Kirkuk and Salah al-Din to get more involved in the process of conflict resolution and peace building


KAS and Al-Haq: Local Engagement to Promote Peace in Kirkuk and Salah al-Din

Increasing youth participation to promote peace through proper social and political engagement

KAS and Al-Haq conduct a workshop to enable the youth of Kirkuk and Salah al-Din to get more involved in the process of conflict resolution and peace building

Expert conference

Securing Iraq’s Future

Perspectives on Iraq’s Political, Economic, and Social Situation

The KAS Syria/Iraq Office supports the Rafidain Center for Dialogue (RCD) – a leading Iraqi think tank – in conducting its first annual conference, which will take place in Baghdad on February 4th and 5th. The conference is the first of its kind to be held in Baghdad, and will be attended by senior Iraqi, regional and international government officials and parliament members as well as scholars and researchers from major think tanks and universities in Iraq and abroad.


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Economic Relations between Syria and Lebanon

Analyzing an Intimate and Complex Bilateral Relationship

In cooperation with the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies, the Syria/Iraq Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is holding a one-day workshop that aims to conduct an assessment of how the recent developments in Syria have affected economic relations between the war-torn country and its Lebanese neighbor. The goal is to assess the economic interdependence between both countries and analyze the political economy of the Assad regime’s involvement in Lebanon up until 2005, and how it has evolved over the past eight years. The results of this workshop serve the purpose to evaluate how the new political and economic realities in Syria will affect these relations in the near future.

Achieving Political Stability and Sustainable Peace in Sinjar

Konrad Adenauer Foundation Syria/Iraq Office and Masarat for Cultural and Media Development (MCMD) aim to provide the best visions and ways to achieve sustainable peace in Sinjar in a manner that provides support to the Government of Iraq, the Kurdistan Regional Government, and the international community to make decisions in this regard, especially in light of the recent Sinjar Agreement between the Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Building an Electoral Youth Cadre in Central Iraq

Konrad Adenauer Foundation Syria/Iraq Office and JSSOR Youth Organization build an electoral youth cadre in Central Iraq to engage in the 2021 parliamentary election process, in addition to raising the level of public awareness of the elections among the youth, and disseminating elections-related information on a large scale.

Communication and Advocacy Training for Iraqi Future Political Leaders

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Syria/Iraq Office and Homeland Builders Organization for Development in Baghdad (HBO) empower young activists to play a pivotal political role in Iraqi’s development by giving them essential trainings on political communication and advocacy.

Deradicalisation and Reintegration Centres for Women and Children Victims of ISIS

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Syria/Iraq Office and Yahad – In Unum support survivors of ISIL’s terror in IDP camps to socially reintegrate while contributing to their de-radicalization, in order to distance them from the potential danger they pose both to themselves and to society, especially as many are demanding asylum in European countries, particularly in Germany, where many have relatives and could be subject to family reunion.

Developing an Online Database of Syria’s Official Journal - Part 2

Konrad Adenauer Foundation Syria/Iraq Office and Images de l’Orient aim at establishing an online database of Syria’s official journal (OJ). The database posts every issue of the OJ with its contents summary available in Arabic and English.

Instability and interrelated conflict: evolving security dynamics in the Middle East

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Syria/Iraq office and the Foreign Policy Research Institute held a two-day virtual dialogue on challenges posed by the conflict in Syria, the role of the Russian Federation in the Middle East, and the future of Iranian-American tensions.

Iraq Policy Program

Konrad Adenauer Foundation Syria/Iraq Office and Rewaq Baghdad Center for Public Policy aim to bridge the gap between the youth and the state in Iraq through training young professionals on how to bring positive change through policymaking.

Maintenance of the Rawabet Online Referral System

Konrad Adenauer Foundation Syria/Iraq Office and Hamzet Wasel help improve communication for programming opportunities among the different local NGOs & INGOs, as well as donors working in Syria, and contribute to reducing the risks of overlapping by publicly announcing the launch of projects.

Monitoring the Elections and Training of Election Observers in Central Iraq

Konrad Adenauer Foundation Syria/Iraq Office and Shams Network for Monitoring Elections observe the 2021 Iraqi parliamentary election to strengthen respect for fundamental freedoms and political rights and to support the democratic and electoral process. The action led to a comprehensive observation of all aspects and steps of the parliamentary electoral process in Iraq for the year 2021.

Multicultural Political Challenges - Political Participation of IDPs and Ethnic Minorities in the Election Process in Iraq – Part 2

Konrad Adenauer Foundation Syria/Iraq Office and JSSOR Youth Organization establish practices guaranteeing the participation of minorities in political and civil life and especially in elections on an equal footing with others.