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Administrative Capacity Building for the Iraqi National Centre against Hate Speech

To counter tendencies of radicalization in parts of the Iraqi population, the Syria/Iraq Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) worked once again together with Masarat for Cultural and Media Development (MCMD) to conduct several workshops that aimed at professionalizing the work and functioning of the Iraqi National Centre against Hate Speech by training its staff members.

The Iraqi National Centre against Hate Speech was established in March 2018 in Beirut with founding members representing almost all ethno-religious groups and minorities of Iraq. The Centre’s nation-wide mission is to monitor, denounce and confront hate speech in Iraq. The workshops conducted by KAS and MCMD dealt with a variety of topics related to one of the Centre’s administrative activities in order to professionalize the work of 30 volunteers and to improve the management of the Centre’s network of hate speech monitors all over the country. The trainees are now able to use the tools and techniques learnt in the workshops in their work in their departments. In addition, a soon to be published report on hate speech will raise awareness on the issue among Iraqi politicians and the general public.

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